Find the Best, Cheap, 24-Hour, And Coin Laundromat Near Me

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If you’re searching for a cheap laundromat near me to wash your laundry then you came to the right place. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to find a laundromat that has coin machines and 24-hour availability. And all of that is done using your area zip code.

Along with that, I’m going to show you tips and tricks for choosing the best laundromat and how to wash your clothes. 

Finally, you get answers to some important questions to have the best experience. 

So let’s get started. 

How to find a coin laundromat near me?

To find a coin laundromat in your area insert the zip code in Google Maps and search. All the closest stations are highlighted and you can find the best one using the below tips.

How to find a 24-hour laundromat near me?

Here is the map you can use to find 24-hour laundromats. They’re open 24/7 and you can go to their stations any time from morning to evening. 

How to search for a laundry service near me?

If you don’t love doing laundry then using a laundry service is a good idea. And you can find them while sitting at home. Just search the laundry service near me on Google Maps and you will find them easily. 

How to find the best laundromat near me?

Finding a laundromat is easy but how do you know that it is actually the best laundromat? To make the process easy for you here are the tips and tricks you can follow.

1. Read the reviews

If online reviews of a laundromat are available then read them carefully. You can get a good idea from the opinions of other people whether the laundromat you are choosing is a good fit or not. 

That is another case where some reviews are not honest. But still a good tool for the measurement of reliability.

Try to read 2, 3, and 4-star reviews. The 1 and 5-star reviewers don’t provide that much honest information. 

While reading the reviews look for words like:

  • well lit  
  • affordable
  • Cheap
  • With parking
  • good washing
  • amenities
  • Safe
  • Spacious 
  • attendant
  • Clean
  • quiet
  • modern or advance
  • Time-saving
  • Bright
  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • music

While reading the negative reviews look for words like: 

  • odorous
  • Smelly
  • Dingy
  • No parking
  • bad
  • Broken
  • sketchy/dirty
  • Crowdy
  • Outdated or older
  • Greasy
  • Broken
  • Filthy and grassy
  • Bedbugs
  • Moldy
  • dark

If there are more reviews positive as compared to negative then you can go about that laundromat. But if there is a lot of negativity and bad features are highlighted then avoid that station.

2. Consider the location

Location is another key component in finding the best laundromat. Here you should look for whether it is closer to your house, is there a main road nearby, and any refreshment place like a coffee shop.

Because if your laundry takes longer to wash then you should have a nearby place to take a cup of tea or some other refreshment during the laundry cycle. With the nearby men’s road, you don’t need to carry your laundry that far away and easily bring it home.

You should also look for whether the attendants are present and if there are proper windows with lighting and cleanliness.

If there is parking near then an added advantage so you can park your vehicle. This provides an extra layer of safety and security. 

Laundromats near the strip malls and shopping centers are well-lit and advanced as compared to those which are out of the central area.

3. Safety measures

Safety measures are also essential and should not be neglected. Look for the following things to ensure it is properly safe and secure:

  • there are no paan or alcohol shops and any other crowded platform 
  • have proper parking so you can safely and securely park your vehicle
  • have proper lighting and Windows
  • the electric boards, wires, and machines are well maintained
  • no one is allowed to sleep or lighter inside the laundromat station
  • have an attendant present at least during daytime 
  • not that much out of sight of your main area

If there is a police station nearby then it is an added security layer. If there are rumors of a robbery case or any unwanted accident then avoid that laundromat. 

4. Open their website

Most laundromats don’t have a website but you should check for it. If there is a website you can see what features and amenities the laundromat is giving. What their machines have advanced in them and whether they are coin machines or card-operated machines.

You can also get information about support services, attendants, and the station.

In the terms and conditions section, you can read the rules and regulations. If there are any questions you can ask on their website before using it. 

5. Avoid peak days

There are some busy days and hours when the laundromats are the busiest and overcrowded.  You should avoid these days so you don’t have to wait a lot of time.

According to the laundry solution company, the weekends are the most overcrowded while Monday to Friday is the slowest days of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest days of the week. The reason is that most people are working these days and can’t come to the laundromat.

On the other hand, Friday to Sunday are the busiest days and people have time to wash their laundry.  So you come early when the laundry opens to avoid these days.

In addition to these days, laundromats are also busiest in the middle of the month and attend of the month. These days people receive payments from their employers and tend to spend on their laundry-washing activities. 

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6. Check out the payment method

Different payment methods are being used in today’s laundromats. The most traditional payment system is coins or quarters. Now customers can pay with credit cards and laundry pay smartphone apps.

But you should verify the payment method before going to the laundromat. If it’s accepting coins then stop at a near bank branch and take some change of quarters with you. You can also get coins from attendants at laundromat stations but having coins yourself is a good idea. 

Nowadays more and more machines are becoming advanced with coinless payment systems. But still, coin-operated laundromats have been the standard for years so be sure to verify the payment methods. 

7. Check their convenience 

There are many amenities you may need at the laundromat. Some laundry stations keep it simple like a washer room dryer and parking. You may need more so you can check out the list below to see whether the laundromat has the given amenity available or not.

  • Wi-Fi 
  • free parking 
  • dryer 
  • restroom 
  • attendant 
  • dispenser 
  • softener 
  • air condition 
  • folding tables and counters 
  • high-efficiency washing machines 
  • laundry detergents 
  • laundry crafts 
  • vending machine 
  • LED 
  • charging plug 
  • Loyalty program 
  • 24/7 Open 
  • Newspapers and magazines for reading

Analyze this list of amenities and choose a laundromat that full fills them.

8. Analyze pictures

Review the customer photos this helps you analyze what are the current conditions of the station. The business also posts pictures but they are when the company is new and in the best condition.

But by reviewing customer pictures you can analyze what conditions the washer machines are in and the condition of dryers and the windows. So if there are a lot of negative things you see and you can avoid that laundromat. While seeing the pictures look for people loitering, garbage broken windows, and broken washing machines.

9. Factors to consider at the laundromat

Before going to the laundromat confirm that the machines and tiers are in their best condition to save you time and work in an efficient way. So you can save time energy and some money.

Along with that compare the washers with your laundromat. Sometimes you have a big comforter so you should first confirm that the laundromat has washers to wash big laundry loads. 

In addition to that look for a perfect dryer that can work in an efficient way to dry your laundry so you don’t have to change your laundromats station.

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How to do laundry at a laundromat?

Here are some simple steps to do laundry if you are a beginner and using the laundromat for the first time.

1. Separate clothes in advance 

Separating clothes at home erases a lot of headaches. You can separate white and dark clothes into separate baskets or bags.

So you don’t have to separate them after washing the laundry load. This also eases you to have a separate wash cycle for each type of clothes including white, colored, jeans, t-shirts, and delicates.

You can save time and avoid laundry damage. The colored clothes don’t lose originality because you set the wash cycle accordingly. The white clothes don’t get mixed with colored and white clothes shining is not damaged.

2. Keep detergent with yourself

You know that detergent is the most important factor in washing your laundry. That’s why you should keep your detergent or washing powder with you.

Really laundromats have detergents but they are expensive and sometimes do not fit your clothes. So you should keep your own detergent for perfect cleaning of your laundry.

3. Bring your coins

For a coin-operated laundry mate, you should have quarters in your wallet. Bring them in advance from home or you can get a change Bank branch. Because sometimes the coins are not available at laundromat stations so you don’t have to face any problems.

You can also use a vending machine to get some change or a nearby supermarket. But don’t rely on the laundromat machines because they sometimes are defective and if the attendant is not present you have to waste your time for coins.

4. Pick the right size washer 

Forgetting good cleaning results for your laundry you have to choose the right size washing machine. The laundry must move freely inside the washer so the stains are washed properly. 

Don’t put large loads inside a smaller washer otherwise, it may stop or your clothes don’t wash in a perfect way. 

Especially when it comes to comforters and big bulky items you should choose the full-size washer to get the stains and dust removed. So properly compare your load and washer to get the best resorts.

5. Properly check the washer 

Check out the selected washer inside and outside. Ensure that there is no rusty smell or any damage to the door or the drum. The washer properly runs and is neat and clean.

Look for anything that is greasy and stick to the drum so that your clothes don’t get any strong stains. Check the dryer and remove any pieces of clothes are threads present inside. 

Smell the washer and dryer and if there is a strong order of bleach then don’t put your clothes inside it may damage the color of your clothes. Ask the attendant to clean the washer or move to another good one. 

Check out the parameters and make sure all the buttons are in proper working condition. Set the right temperature and cycle time to get safe and clean washing.

6. Avoid overloading 

Make sure to don’t overload the washer are dryer. The reason is that your clothes may not rinse and clean in a proper way and stains may remain there. 

As a result, you have to give multiple cycles which adds up to your time and may cost you more money. It can damage the washer and you may have to pay a penalty. 

The detergent cost also Rises and it may take 2 to 3 times more detergent to wash clothes properly. The overloading also damages your clothes and your clothes may not last long.

7. Fold your clothes

When washing and drying are completed you should fold your clothes separately. This allows your clothes to not mix with each other and you can easily bless them in a cupboard. 

Following these tips and tricks, you can have this experience with the laundromat. A lot of your headaches can be eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laundromat Near Me

What days are laundromats the busiest?

According to the survey by American Coin Operated 27.8% of respondents said Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days of the week. Only 5.6% of respondents said Wednesday is the busiest day. When it comes to the slowest days 11.1% said Monday, 33.3% said Tuesday and Wednesday, and 22.2% said Thursday.

chart representing the most busiest and  slowest days of the week at laundromats
Source: Tight Finance

No one reported Friday as the slowest day because from here the weekend starts and the crowd increases. 

The reason is simply that at the start of the week from Monday to Friday people are working and have no time to wash clothes. So laundromats are less crowded. On the other hand on Saturday and Sunday, people are off from work so laundromat stations are overcrowded and busy. 

Is it cheaper to do laundry at home or laundromat?

According to 24 Hour Coin Laundromat, the average cost of washing at home is $2-$3 per load while at a laundromat $3-$4 per load. So if you just consider washing your laundry then washing at home is less costly than doing it at the laundromat. 

But if you consider the whole scenario, then there is a cost of buying a washer and dryer plus their maintenance. 

A good washer with a 4+ cubic feet load costs more than $700 and goes up to $2100 while the dryer also goes up to $1700. This increases your cost of washing at home. 

At a laundromat you only pay money for doing laundry and washers plus dryers cost isn’t involved. So laundromats are cheaper than doing laundry at home. 

How to get quarters for the laundromat?

If you’re visiting a coin laundromat then usually quarters coins are used for starting a wash cycle. So you can either bring coins from home or visit a near bank branch and exchange them for cash. 

Another good way is to shop for some groceries at a supermarket or ask them to give you some quarters for cash. You can get coins from a laundromat attendant as well. 

But the best option is to bring them from home, visit a bank branch or go to the supermarket.

How likely is it to get bedbugs from a laundromat?

Normally getting bedbugs from a well-maintained laundromat are slim to none. Because there is nothing to eat. 

But not impossible at low-quality laundromats. 

To avoid getting bedbugs with your laundry here are some amazing tips from EPA:

  • Unpack your laundry directly from the bag into the washer drum
  • Don’t place laundry near the seats of a laundromat or on the floor
  • Check the bags inside and outside before packing clothes
  • Inspect for bedbugs before sitting on laundromats chairs
  • Wash at a high temperature to kill any bedbug hiding in a laundry

If you use these tips and tricks, you can avoid bedbugs getting into your house. 

How much do you pay at the laundromat?

According to Laundry Hacks doing laundry at laundromat costs between $2.50 to $10 with the national average of $6.20. If you iron and press at the laundry then you may have to pay an additional $1.50 to $2.0. 

Do laundromats take dollar bills?

The majority of laundromats don’t accept dollar bills because they operate using the coin system. And it’s a standard working for years now. You have to put a coin in the machine and it starts your wash cycle. 

Nowadays there are some advanced laundromats that accept cards. So you can easily pay the money. 

Do you bring your own detergent to a laundromat?

The laundromats provide detergent and fabric softeners but you should bring your own. The reason is that detergents cost much higher at laundromats with a few options which you may not like. 

Along with that you may be allergic to some detergent or don’t want to use it because it damages your fabric. That’s why bring your own detergent, softener, bleach, and other washing supplies. 

Are laundromat washers faster?

Yes, laundromat washers are faster because they’re designed for commercial use only. The customers wait until their wash cycle is complete that’s why machines are designed to minimize wash cycle time with maximum cleaning. 

Can you just dry clothes at a laundromat?

Yes. If your dryer has failed then you can take the clothes to the laundromat and dry them. It Costs you $3 to $4 with more convenience and efficiency. 

Is it safe to leave clothes at the laundromat after washing them?

No, it’s unsafe to leave clothes at a laundromat. Because there is a possibility of anyone waiting to snatch your pricy t-shirts, along with that if your cycle time ends and you aren’t present there the other people have to wait which wastes their precious time. 

In addition to that, your laundry may get damaged and anyone can through them in a trash can or on a floor. Bedbugs and other insects can get into your laundry which can create problems onwards. 

How long does it take to do laundry at a laundromat?

According to Fresh & Clean Laundromat, the average wash cycle at a laundromat takes about 32 to 38 minutes while the drying cycle takes 30 to 45 minutes.

time it takes to wash and dry laundry at laundromats
Source: Tight Finance

But the time can go up and down depending on three factors. For example, laundry load, long vs short wash cycle, and type of fabric you’re drying. The comforters take longer to dry than normal jeans and T-shirts. 

What is the best time to go to the laundromat?

As I mentioned above laundromats are the least busy on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And when it comes to 24-hour laundromats then they’re the least busy. 

While on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there is an overcrowded environment. You should have to go in the early morning to beat the crowd. 

But remember that how busy is the laundromat depends on the population of the area. So you have to do some trial and error to find the exact time. 

According to the Wash Day Laundry Centre laundromats are less busy outside the regular hours are 10 pm to 7 am. From Monday to Friday, they are the busiest between 6 pm and 10 pm and between launch hours 12 pm to 2 pm. 

Can you wash a comforter at a laundromat?

Yes, you can wash comforters including small and king sizes in a laundromat. They have large washing machines where you can quickly and efficiently clean them alone. 

If your washing machine and dryer have low capacity then instead of paying a higher price to a dry cleaner take them to a near laundromat in your area. 


I hope you have a good idea of how to find a laundromat near me.

The Google map comes in handy for finding these stations. You can either search the term near me or use a zip code in your area. 

But keep in mind the tips and tricks explained above to make sure you don’t waste time and money plus avoid a bad experience. 

If you like this article then share it on social media to help your followers and friends.

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