How To Make Money Without A Job (55 Lucrative Ways)

Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 06:39 am

In this article, you’ll learn how to make money without a job.

These days a majority of workers are getting low wages. 

44% of USA workers are getting paid low wages which makes it difficult to afford monthly expenses. 

And after deducting taxes the net income becomes too low to make survival difficult. 

As a result, workers do part-time works in their firms which ultimately damages their health. 

That’s why it’s important to have ways to make money without a job. 

In this article, I’m going to share 55 different methods that can help you generate full-time or part-time income without a job. 

Let’s get started.

55 Ways how to make money without a Job

Here is a brief explanation of each trick:

1. Market research

For creating new products, improving existing ones, and maintaining a competitive edge companies do market research. It’s normally done through online questionnaires called surveys. Here you give opinions on products, services, and brands.

You also have to take part in group studies, discussions, and other activities related to the research study.

According to,, and, the hourly rate of paid market research falls between $14 and $45. The average in the US is $30 per hour which is a handsome amount to afford expenses. But these rates differ depending on the company and opportunity. 

There are dozens of online platforms solely dedicated to these paid market research studies. The famous websites include, Survey Junkie, and American Consumer Opinion. 

To find more of these websites here is a good article: 34 Sites for Paid Research Studies + Focus Groups (2022)

2. Virtual Assistant

A good part-time job that you can do as an independent freelance contractor.  You have to do a variety of tasks for companies like arranging travel, organizing meetings, attending phone calls, and arranging meetings and appointments. Sometimes you may have to do bookkeeping, administrative work, and personal assistance.

But all of the work is done while sitting at home using your laptop and the internet. According to Upwork the hourly rate for a virtual assistant is between $18 to $35 depending on the skills and experience. They earn an annual salary of $15,000 up to $130,000 depending on their work and experience. 

To find these virtual assistant jobs you can search freelance marketplaces like Upwork and job sites like Flexjobs and Remotive. After finding a job you have to pitch the opportunity and set the rules and guidelines with the client to start the project.

3. Audio and video transcriber

If you have good listening and grammar skills you can earn money transcribing other audio and videos. In short, the spoken words in an audio or video are converted into text. The hourly rate is between $25 to $50 which is good for beginners. You can earn more based on your experience level. 

How to find transcription jobs you can start with an online transcription website like Rev, Speechpad, Tigerfish, Crowdsurf, Quicktat, and TranscribeMe. To find more transcription websites here is a good article from Smart Blogger: 21 Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners (Best of 2022) 

4. Selling Online 

Online selling is a big market that is growing each day by day. The online eCommerce revenue for 2021 was $5.2 trillion and it is expected to grow upto $8.1 trillion by 2026. 

There is no limitation and you can sell anything of value.  There are big platforms online like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many others. In fact, you can build your own brand and earn even more money. 

5. Content Writing 

Do you love writing? Then content writing is a profitable industry you can work in. Here you have to write different types of text content for blog posts, news articles, commercial content, and social media.  The content writing rates are so high and you can earn upto $0.5 per word.

Another good news is that the content writing industry is a always green industry with a $412 billion market value and it is increasing at a very fast pace in the coming years. 

It is simple to start a content-writing business. Just hone your skill, make a Portfolio, and pitch clients for projects. You don’t need tons of clients you need only two to three good-paying clients and you are good to go.

To find content writing jobs you can search job boards, Upwork, and cold pitching.

6. Affiliate marketing

Is another good business model like content writing. Here instead of writing the text you promote other companies’ products and earn a commission on each sale you bring them. 

How to make money without a job with affiliate marketing?

You can promote both digital and physical products and there are thousands of affiliate programs available online. The big names include Amazon, Alibaba, Clickbank, and JVzoo. 

The commission on physical products is low compared to digital products like courses software and training programs. 

There are many ways to do affiliate Marketing like through a blog where you can bring traffic from search engines, social media, and email marketing. 

According to Glassdoor, the average earning of an affiliate marketer is around $59,000 per year. If you do it correctly you can earn even more.

7. Selling on Etsy 

Etsy is a global marketplace where you can sell any type of product ranging from jewelry to clothes to weddings and toys. It doesn’t matter where you live. 

More than 450 million people visit Etsy each month which is a huge traffic volume and you can earn thousands of dollars each month. To get started sign up and create your shop and start listing your products. Another thing you can do is promote them on social media networks to bring more traffic and get more sales. 

Here is a video of a successful seller earning $10,000 per month selling print-on-demand products.

8. Real estate investing 

Investing in property and property-related securities is the best way to increase your money value and earn income. According to, the average real estate investor earns between $70000 and $12,4000 dollars each year. 

How to make money without a job with real estate investing?

You can either buy and sell properties or invest in property-related companies and equities to earn a consistent income. The real reason for profitability is that the land and other properties increase in value which doubles your money faster. 

You can invest in a real estate investment trust, flip properties, and give your property on rent to earn consistent monthly revenue. 

9. Freelance Translator

The translator converts one language into another. If you have commands over multiple languages like English, Chinese, French, and Hindi then you can use them to earn money part-time and full-time. 

Companies, political personalities, and governmental positions need this type of people to help them translate different audio and videos as well as a text version of languages. You can also deliver this service as a freelancer on freelance marketplaces as well as to a translation agency. 

On average translators are between $14 and $24 per hour which is $29,360 to $49,000 per year income. 

Translation agencies are both available online and offline. Some online translation agencies include,,, and Gengo.


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10. Sell an artwork 

If you are good at making artwork like paintings, illustrations, graphics, and other types of art then you can sell it online and earn big bucks. It doesn’t matter whether you make paintings or you are good at making illustrations any of the skills can help you earn thousands of dollars. Here is a story of a successful artwork seller making $14,000 per month selling paintings. 

You can sell both physical and digital artwork. To start selling artwork you have to create an account with the artwork website or marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon. After that list, your artwork pictures with descriptions and promote them online. 

Some best websites that sell artwork include Etsy, Amazon, Saatchi Art, and Ugallery. To find more websites like this here is an article: 9 Sites to Sell Your Artwork 

11. Bookkeeping

If you are good at accounting you can give bookkeeping services to other businesses. Here you have to record transactions, make different accounts, manage accounts, do adjustments, and update the data. They also organize and reconcile statements and communicate with other team members inside the company. 

You can sell bookkeeping services online as a freelancer. According to Upwork the bookkeepers are making between $30 to $35 an hour salary which is more than $40,000 per year. 

But you need to have good skills in Excel and bookkeeping software like QuickBooks and Freshbooks.

To find these bookkeeping jobs you can search freelance marketplaces, job boards, and direct contact.

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12. Cryptocurrency Investing 

Cryptocurrency is now booming and you can earn thousands of dollars through investing.

How to make money without a job with cryptocurrency?

Here the method is simple you can either hold a coin or you can do day trading. 

There are several best online trading platforms available like Binance,, and Coinbase. How to find other best marketplaces here is an article:

You can also earn money through derivatives including futures. But that is a risky deal and you must have experience and knowledge before jumping into trading crypto derivatives.

13. Stocks Investing 

Like crypto investing stocks investing is also a profitable way to grow your money and earn a consistent monthly income. Here you have formal exchanges called stock markets to buy and sell stocks of different companies. 

They work the same as crypto and provide capital gain as well as share in profit called dividends. It’s one of the most formal businesses in the world and made thousands of people are making a good income. 

If you want to invest in the stock market you have to first take knowledge about technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis. Have knowledge about the practical implementation of different indicators and the impacts of economic factors. So that you can invest rationally and grow your money faster. 

After that open an account with a brokerage house and start trading stocks. Here you can make money through holding and short selling in a down market. 

14. Car washing

Do you have experience cleaning houses or small vehicles? If yes then starting a car washing business isn’t that complicated. And the good news is that everyone has a vehicle which can be a motorcycle, car, or truck, and removing dust. 

You can deliver this service to them and charge per vehicle. Usually, it includes washing the interior side of the vehicle and mates. According to data, the rate for interior and exterior washing for regular-size cars ranges between $60 to $150 while handwashing is between $30 to $60 per car. 

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15. House sitter

How to make money without a job as a house sitter?

In a house-sitting job, you take care of the house while the homeowner is out. Here you have to do different ask like cleaning, maintenance, resolving any security issues, turning lights on and off, taking care of pets, and watering plants. 

It may include attending phone calls taking notes and contacting the homeowner in case of any emergency.

In short, you control and monitor the overall house and activities performed inside. The hourly rate of house setters is between $12 and $16. 

To find house-sitting jobs you can search websites that are dedicated to house-sitters. The best sites include and 

16. Lawnmowers

A lawn mowing business is another profitable way to earn money without a job. It includes different tasks related to lawn mowing. For example, setting the landscape, cutting grass, trimming the bushes, and other lawn maintenance activities. 

You face very little to no supervision. The average earnings of a Lawnmower are between $18,000 to $39,000. To find non-mowing projects you can search websites like and In addition to that contact people in your city with houses that have lawns and investigate whether they want lawn maintenance service. 

17. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet. You can upload video content and can earn money through each visit your video gets. Along with that, you can promote different types of products related to your YouTube video topics. 

There are YouTubers who became millionaires from this platform and others are also earning thousands of dollars each month. So what you can do is choose a topic that interests you and have the potential to grow and start creating quality video content and upload it on a regular basis. 

When your channel hits 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then you can monetize it with ads. Other ways include sponsored content and affiliate marketing from which you can generate money selling physical and digital products.  You can also promote your own products.

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18. Write online reviews 

Companies are always looking for new opportunities and want to improve their products and services. Because this is the only way to improve their revenue and profitability. 

So market research is becoming more and more important to beat the competition. Companies are always looking for honest reviews of people on their products and services. 

That’s why they always like to pay for getting reviews on their latest products and services and launches. If you like to give reviews and love testing products and services then you can join online platforms where you can write reviews and earn money. 

Here are some best online platforms to write reviews and get paid: Get paid to write reviews

19. Sell ebooks 

An ebook is a digital asset and it can be downloaded and sold thousands of time even millions of time and don’t need to be created a second time. Unlike a physical product which needs separate units of the same product the digital product is created only one time and can be sold multiple times. 

And the ebook is one of them and the most profitable digital product. You can create non-fiction and fiction ebooks if you love to be an Author and writer. There are dozens of online platforms dedicated to selling ebooks with millions of traffic. You can get the ebook written by a freelance writer as well. 

There are endless topics you can write about like children’s stories, novels stories, science books, and any other interesting topic. You can then upload it to Amazon Kindle or any other ebook-selling. Here is a helpful article: How to make money selling ebooks

20. Flip flea markets

The flip and flea market concept is simple. Here you buy low price products from the market and sell them at a higher price online.  It is a great way to generate good profit and earn more. There are many online platforms available for flipping goods Like Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. 

Remember there are some items that work best in Flipping and earning more profit. For example toys, kitchen gadgets, jewelry, and fitness machines. Forgetting the full list here is an article on flipping profitable products: 29 Best Items to Flip For a Profit

21. Start a blog 

After email marketing blogging is the most profitable platform because it attracts traffic from search engines which is more profitable than social. A successful blog can help you earn passive income month after month. I know bloggers that are making millions of dollars per year from a single blog. One example is Adam Enfroy from 

How to make money without a job with blogging?

To get started with blogging: 

  • Choose a topic 
  • Buy a domain and hosting 
  • Install a theme 
  • Start publishing consistently 
  • Stay consistent

You don’t need tons of traffic in fact with just 50,000 visits per month you can easily make at least $2000 plus per month. And you can increase it by selling personal courses, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. 

If you want to learn more about how to start a successful blog then here is an article: How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online ($200k Per Month)

22. Create an online course

Do you know any skills that you can teach others? You can create a digital course and sell it online. It is so profitable business because you can get it done one time and sell it multiple times. There are multiple online platforms dedicated to selling online courses like Udemy courses and Skillshare. 

Thousands of creators are making 6 figures selling digital courses. For example, Adam Enfroy, Remit Sethi, and Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketers. 

You can sell it through your private channel is well like a blog or email marketing. The skill can be graphic designing, video editing, growing a YouTube channel, and content writing. 

If you want to learn more about how to create a successful online course and read this article from Fivver. How to Create an Online Course – Step by Step

23. Playing games 

The online gaming industry is growing very fast. Its net worth was $195.6 billion in 2021 and it is expected to grow upto $221 billion by 2022. 

How to make money without a job with gaming?

It has great potential to help you make money if you love gaming. Here you can either create a YouTube channel related to gaming and live streaming.  Along with that, you can create a blog where you can post content about gaming, promote games for commission, sell your own games, and help visitors stay updated. 

There are online websites and platforms where you can play games and earn money. It is to some extent low paying so you can choose to go with a YouTube channel and a blog on the gaming niche. 

Another way is to create a course on different games and sell it to people who want to play those games. It is a great way to generate good money by teaching other people about a specific.

If you want to learn more about how to earn money through gaming near is a good article on Best 10 Ways to Earn Money Playing Games Online

24. Babysitting

Here you sell your babysitting service to people with kids and earn money. Close different types of work related to managing children when their guardians are out.

For example, entertaining the child taking care of his food, changing the napkin, and kindergarten preparation. The duties and responsibilities differ depending on the age of the child. 

The hourly rate of babysitters is between $5 and go up to $43 is well. It also depends on your experience level and management skills. To find these types of jobs you can search Ziprecruiter, Indeed, and Babysitters.

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25. Rent out a parking

Do you have extra space on any side of your house? You can rent it out to make money passively each month. There are some amazing platforms that can help you to rent out parking spaces and pay monthly rent. Some famous platforms include YourParkingSpace, Parket, ParkingForMe, and Stashbee. The earnings depend on the area of parking and how many clients you get. 

26. Rent out a car 

If you have an extra car then you can rent it out from local companies or through online sites like Hyrecar, Turo, Getaround, and Avail. According to data, car owners make more than $12,000 per year on average. But it’s not fixed and if you rent out more cars then you can earn more money. The earnings also depend on the car’s model and condition. 

27. Selling images 

Photography is one of the profitable niches online. There are dozens of platforms dedicated to only selling pictures. You can sell any type of picture. In fact, nothing is left behind so it is a good opportunity for you to sell images if you love photography. You can sell captured as well as images created with software like illustrations. 

How to make money without a job with image selling?

There are two ways to sell images online either you can sell an individual image or you can sell a license. The top platforms for selling images include Shutterstock, Istock, 500 pixels, and SmugMug Pro. 

Here is a list of 18 different image-selling platforms. Sell Photos Online: 18 Websites for Selling Your Photography

28. Sell old textbooks 

Do not through old textbooks, notebooks, and other hobby readings into the garbage. Instead, upload their pictures on different book-selling platforms to earn money every time anyone buys. The platform cuts out small fees and pays the remaining amount from its supported payment network. But keep in mind that the price should not be too high instead keep it below $10. Here is an amazing guide from Shopify: How to sell used books online

29. Microtask websites 

Microtask sites work like freelance marketplaces but with little difference in that, you don’t have to send any proposals.  Here small tasks with a few seconds time to a few minutes are listed with prices ranging from a few cents upto a few dollars. You pick the task and complete it and if the client is satisfied then he pays you money. 

Here is a link to an article that lists more than 20 microtask websites: 20+ Microtask Websites That Pay You for Micro Jobs

30. Pet sitting

Like babysitting, you have to take care of pets while owners are out of the home. You have to take care of his food, medicines, bath, and walk. In short, the pet stays healthy and entertained. 

In case of any serious illness contact the pet owner and discuss the problem. The pet can be a dog, rabbit, bird, pig, or cat. The hourly rate of pet sitters is $12.5 to $17.5 according to Pet sitting work can be found online on pet-sitting websites, job boards, or searching in your own hometown and social network. 

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31. Sell recycled items

Recycled items like metal, some plastic items, paper, tires, electronics, and glass can help you make money. You can sell them either through sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or OLX or you can open a shop in your city as well. 

32. Copywriting

It’s writing words to sell products whether digital or physical. Copywriting can help you generate big money if you can learn it with eagerness. It’s used on social media, landing pages, sales pages, email copy, web copy, product descriptions, videos, and images. In short, everywhere you see copywriting which is persuading people to buy. 

Companies are paying big bucks and even commissions to quality copywriters who can generate revenue for their business. They earn between $50 to $60 per hour which is a good amount of money. But this isn’t a benchmark you can earn thousands if you’re a quality copywriter. I know people making millions of dollars a year with copywriting and one of them is Stefan Gregori. 

33. Freelancing 

It’s a common term for people who sell their skills as a service online and earn money. In freelancing, you can provide any type of skill-based work to clients all around the world. For example writing, editing, graphic designing, web designing, SQL server, drop servicing sketching, etc. There are marketplaces like Upwork are available to get jobs. You can cold pitch clients as well to privately contact them and earn even bigger commissions. 

34. Design and sell T-shirts 

The T-shirt market is hot selling and if you have good designs that the market needs then it’s gold. There are many platforms like Teespring, Bonfire, and SellMyTees to take your t-shirts in front of a customer. For more platforms, you can read this article: 21 Places To Sell T-Shirts Online With Illustrations.

How to make money without a job with t-shirts?

Before starting to sell t-shirt designs, do a little bit of market research on these t-shirt selling platforms and see what is hot selling. After that check, the price and material are used to deliver more value to the customer. Here is a case study from a successful t-shirt seller who made $100,000 in just 5 months selling t-shirts. How I Profited $100,000 on Teespring in Just 5 Months.

35. Earn for losing weight 

If you’re overweight and want to lose it to look slim and smart you’re good. But there are many platforms that are established to motivate you for losing weight. They pay you money for it which is a good thing while losing weight as well. This means two benefits to doing one thing. Some good platforms include DietBet, Healthy Wage, and WayBetter app. But it is just a hobby and does not provide a long-term income to survive. 

36. Computer Repair

Computer mechanics are needed everywhere because a majority of people including students, businessmen, and employees are using them. That’s why there is no scarcity of faulty computers you can repair. The work includes troubleshooting, installing windows, changing batteries, changing processors, cleaning the interior and exterior, and replacing broken screens. 

You can choose to work as a freelancer or you can open your own computer repair shop to earn money. The hourly rate is between $26 and $36 but you can earn more by selling other computer accessories. The income depends on your quality of work and how fast you deliver the results. 

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37. Graphic Designing

If you‘re good at creating illustrations by combining text and images then you can build an income stream with it. Graphic designs are required for websites, advertisements, presentations, and for visual communications to better describe things. 

On Upwork, freelance graphic designers charge between $50 to $150 based on their experience rating and credibility. And you can find these jobs through social media, job boards, and freelance marketplace. 

38. Start a Podcast 

Podcasting is a way to communicate your message with the target audience through audio messages. Here you target a new market who don’t listen to the video and images or social media content. 

Podcasting is a growing industry with 57% of people over age 12 listening to it and 78% familiar with 4.72% yearly increase. 

How to make money without a job with podcasting?

You can monetize podcasts using four different ways. Here they’re: 

  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid subscription 
  • selling products 

39. Web Designing 

He designs the exterior side of the website with coding, graphic, video content, images, and text. It includes designing the website’s homepage, main pages, and blog pages. There is a great opportunity for this skill because everyone has a website online and you don’t go short of projects. You can find these projects on freelance marketplaces or directly reach clients. Social media is a good stop point to search for web designing work. 

40. House cleaner

Giving house cleaning services as an independent person or with a team is another amazing way to earn money without a job. Because there is no shortage of housecleaning jobs in fact in your own hometown. According to the statistics Americans spend 6 hours cleaning their houses each day.

The job includes sweeping, dusting shelves, washing dishes, and ironing. The hourly rate of housecleaners is $25 to $90 but you can charge more than that depending on the quality and how the bigger the house is. 

41. Rideshare driver 

Do you have a command of driving and love traveling? If yes you can choose to work as a rideshare driver with a company like Uber to pick up and drop passengers from one place to another.  As a rideshare driver, you have to keep the vehicle in good condition and stay in communication with the office. You can expect to earn $22 to $23 per hour or upto $5,000 per month in some cases. 

42. Search Engine Optimisation 

Like web designing, SEO is an in-demand skill because every company wants to attract more and more targeted visitors to their website for making more money. And it’s a high-paying skill that can help you earn $10,000 or more per month. If you can build a team or SEO agency you can earn millions depending on quality service. 

As an individual freelancer, you can charge starting from $50 per hour upto $150 per hour. But it depends on the complications of the problem and how long it takes to do an SEO audit and solution. To get clients you can build a website and rank it in search engines. After that sell your SEO skill on it. 

Another way is to use freelance marketplaces, social media, or directly contact clients. But it’s an evergreen skill with no supervision and full independence. 

43. Tutor 

The subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, calculus, trigonometry and geometry, and different languages are most studied in schools and colleges. And there is a great need for quality tutors in these subject areas and the numbers are limited. So if you’ve expertise in these types of subjects you can earn money while staying at home. 

The hourly rate is between $23 to $33 which can help you earn $5,000 to $10,000 each month in an easy way. To find these jobs you can sign up to tutor service websites like Chegg and Club Z. You can also search your local area and social network plus social media. 

44. Open high yield saving account

High-yield savings accounts are high-interest paying accounts. Their interest rates are higher than the normal savings accounts and the national average. The national average in America for saving returns is 0.21% while the HYSA can earn you upto 2% per year. Some banks pay upto 3.50% as well like UFB Direct, BrioDirect, Bask Bank, TAB Bank, etc. This helps you have a passive stream of income through your savings fund. 

45. Video Editor 

You know video content is everywhere on the internet. From Youtube to Facebook and webinars video content is dominating. That’s why quality video editors are in high demand because companies and vloggers want to provide high-quality content with amazing effects and quality editing. 

How to make money without a job as a video editor?

As a video editor, the projects can be found everywhere from social media to freelance marketplaces, job boards, and direct contact. The hourly rate for video editors is $15 to $30 but you can charge it upto $200 per video or even $1000 for long webinar videos. Overall a great skill to sell as a service and make big money. 

46. Testing websites and apps

Companies, webmasters, and developers want to provide a quality product to the target market. And when it comes to websites and apps the quality of their functionality and user experience is most important. That’s why there are websites where you can test these apps and websites for their navigation, loading, design, and other elements. After that, you give an honest review with positives and negatives to help the company improve its apps and websites. 

Some good websites to signup for testing apps and sites include UserTesting, TryMyUl, and Userlytics. To find more here is a list of 9 websites from Logical Dollar: 9 Legit Sites to Get Paid to Test Apps.

47. Rent out items 

Renting out extra items is another way to earn passive income. It not only helps you make money every month but also recovers the price of your item. 

Common items to rent out include trucks, baby equipment, camping space, and storage space. If you want to know more about renting out item 10 here is a good article: 30 Things You Can Rent Out For Extra Money.

There are online websites where you can list these items for rent. For example, Fat Llama, Loanables, and Rentah. 

You can earn between $50 per week upto $1500 plus as well. But you’ve to take it as a business, not a hobby.

48. Modeling 

Do you love to wear out clothing, shoes, and jewelry? I think yes. You can start a modeling career.

There are different types of modeling niches like fashion, shoes, parts modeling, jewelry models, and different types of dress modeling. The hourly rate for models is on average $30 per hour according to 

It also includes photo shoots and as you get experience plus publicity the payments from agencies and companies will increase. You can also take advertisements. 

49. Online travel agent 

Travel agent guides tourists about the best places to visit, provide accommodation services, arrange travel channel, and sell hotels plus insurance. In short help, people have amazing tours and vacations. 

The average hourly rate is between $17 to $22 per hour but you can charge more depending on your quality of service. You can also earn selling different types of products and can take a commission from hotels. 

To have a successful business you should build a client base and provide quality service. So that your clients become permanent customers and buy service multiple times. 

50. Snow cleaner

Suno cleaners are highly required in areas where heavy snowfall occurs in the winter season. They clean snow from the pathways,  roads, parks, and houses as well as parking. 

 It also includes using different types of substances and Chemicals to clean snow.

That’s why their rates are so well. On average there in between 30 to 90 Dollars per hour.  If the job is more difficult then you can earn more as well.

51. Content Editor 

Content writers the content editors are also so in demand. Today content is needed everywhere on blogs, social media, white papers, research articles, and books. 

The editor corrects grammatical errors typos punctuation and checks the voice and style of the written text. Ensures that the text matches the required tone and clarity. 

That’s why their rates are very high and start from $30 an hour and go up to $80 an hour. 

How to make money without a job as a content editor?

Find content editor jobs and sign up for freelance marketplaces and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  You can also directly contact research publications as well as webmasters.

52. Take surveys online 

Online surveys can help you earn money while sitting in front of a PC or while using a mobile phone. Here you’ve to complete questionnaires that help companies and research organizations fulfill their market research requirements and improve their products. 

The payments range from a few cents upto a few dollars but if you take enough surveys you can earn a good amount of money each day. It only needs a few hours of work. 

Dozens of online survey websites are present online. For example, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, and Opinion Outpost. For finding more survey websites here is a good post from Surveys For Money: The Best Sites To Take Online Surveys.

53. Domain flipping 

This method is becoming so famous for a few years. Here you purchase a domain and sell it for more price. You can also choose to work on the website and sell it for higher prices. For domain trading websites like Flippa and Trademysite are famous. 

54. Dropshipping store

One of the most profitable businesses online is where you sell companies’ products for a higher price with the help of an online store. The best platform to make a dropshipping store is Shopify and Woocommerce. 

Research and find quality products, list them down on the store, optimize them for user experience and SEO, and promote them through paid traffic. If you did the homework in the right way then earning a handsome amount of money isn’t difficult. 

55. Invest in mutual funds

Invest your money in different types of financial and non-financial assets and give your share in the profit. It’s a great way to generate passive income using your saving fund. It works like a saving account but has risks especially when it comes to investing in stocks. 

Bonus: Sell clothes and jewelry

Through dropshipping stores, amazon stores, eBay stores, or Etsy you can sell clothes and jewelry to make big bucks. These two products are hot selling because of their different designs and variety. Customers are expected to spend around $7.7 billion on purchasing jewelry online in 2022 and this growth is increasing at 1.36% per year. 

Do market research and see what types of products in these two categories are selling well. Then upload and list the quality photos of your own material and promote it online. 


There are dozens of other ways to make money without a job that I include in further updates. 

Making money without a job is like business and you have your own control over how you like to work. 

Whether you choose to work part-time or full-time, you can do that. 

There is no limit to how much you like to earn. Usually, online ways have more potential and high-income opportunities. 

And I recommend you go with online ways like freelancing, web designing, graphic designing, YouTube, and blogging. 

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