125+ Financial Affirmations to Stay Positive and Attract More Money

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In this post, you’ll get 125 financial affirmations to help you stay optimistic about your financial future and overcome negative financial thoughts.

We face a lot of financial problems in our life because we need to interact with financial matters on a daily basis.

It may be possible that you have a lot of student loans, credit card loans, or a low credit score.  And you are thinking negatively about yourself because of these financial hurdles.

In that case, if you don’t change your mind to think optimistically, then your goals will be left behind and you get trapped into more financial perils.

The best way to recover from these ditches is to have financial affirmations or money mantras that you can repeat daily.

They program your mind in a way that you start thinking positively and stay focused on future financial goals and strategies to achieve them.

That is why in this post you get 125 plus financial affirmations. Including money affirmations, budgeting, savings and paying off debt, and money abundance affirmations.

Let’s dive into it.

What are financial affirmations?

Financial affirmations are short sentences you tell yourself about your money and finances to programming your mindset to think in a positive and optimistic way. 

To achieve your financial goal it is essential to stay positive and continuously work towards achieving the end target. But sometimes when we face financial problems our mindset gets frustrated and starts generating negative thoughts.

For getting out of that situation the financial affirmations or money mantra can help. You need to revise them on a daily basis to stay on track toward achieving your goals.

The other similar names are money abundance affirmations, wealth affirmations, and money mantras. 

Why do financial affirmations matter? 

Here are some benefits of using financial affirmations:

  • help you to produce positive and repeated beliefs 
  • create a visualization of a future of abundance
  • enhance your self-worth 
  • changes your negative mindset and beliefs 
  • provides motivation to stay focused on financial goals and work hard 
  • helps you attract more money and bring wellness into your life

Money is a tool that helps you with buying different things. Your financial problems will stay the same as you think because according to the law of attraction, the like attracts like. Your thought energy (positive or negative) addresses the same results and experiences in your life.

In short, if you think positively you will get positive results and experiences otherwise vice versa. 

1. Financial abundance affirmations

When we face financial recession whether it is due to low income, or high expenses is a result of our own mistakes. And we get trapped in a negative mindset. Sometimes we usually blame our luck and think that we can overcome these situations.

The reason is that a negative mindset and thoughts perpetually make us stuck in more and more negative beliefs. And the truth is that these negative beliefs are not true at all.

Our mistakes and low financial knowledge trap us in bad financial conditions.

In that kind of situation, we need financial abundance affirmations. They help us consider these low financial conditions and problems as an opportunity to do something amazing and learn financial lessons.

Here is a list of money abundance affirmations you can repeat daily:

  1. I consider wealth an important part of my life.
  2. I am healthy and wealthy.
  3. I am receiving wealth and prosperity I didn’t expect.
  4. I can make more money and even deserve it.
  5. Using financial knowledge I am able to come over every financial problem in my way.
  6. My money goals are achievable and I have the ability to achieve them.
  7. I like my financial dreams and work towards achieving them.
  8. I want more money and I deserve it.
  9. Money abundance is very near and I will accept it.
  10. I am making more money than I really need to live.
  11. I am not poor and just facing some low monetary days but I will change them.
  12. Making more money is easy for me because I have the desired skills and knowledge. 
  13. I learn the rules of earning more money.
  14. I will follow successful people and accumulate enough wealth to live a life of freedom. 
  15. I always try to look and find new sources of income online and offline. 
  16. I have the ability to build a strong financial foundation to achieve my wealth goals.
  17. I accept new income opportunities that come my way.
  18. My financial problem will solve and I will earn enough money to cover monthly expenses.
  19. I have the ability to make good financial decisions and earn more money.
  20. My past financial experience is a positive thing in my life to achieve more.
  21. I accept my financial failures and learn strong lessons.
  22. I am drawn to money and money is drawn to me.
  23. I earn money easily and effortlessly.
  24. I always stay perceptive about money-earning opportunities.
  25. I deserve to have more money.
  26. Over time my money situation is improving.
  27. My wealth is beyond money.
  28. My money helps others and the people I love.
  29. This is my right to have success and money.
  30. One day I will achieve my financial goals and objectives.
  31. My life is happy and full of prosperity.

These abundance money affirmations help you change your mindset towards an abundance of money and wealth. Makes you change your negative thoughts from a low financial condition toward a positive belief about building enough wealth and earning more money. 


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2. Money mindset affirmations

If your mindset is not working in the right direction then you’re missing wealth. You face big troubles in achieving financial goals and there is a possibility of failure all the time. 

Your mindset about your income, spending, expenses, and other financial activities matters. It can make or break your financial future. 

To change your mindset positively and keep it on the right track here are some important money mantras:

  1. I deserve prosperity in my life.
  2. Money is a tool that can make good changes in my life.
  3. I control money and it works for me.
  4. Money doesn’t control me and I don’t work for money.
  5. While moving through the world money come to me.
  6. I have a financial plan so my finances don’t scare me.
  7. Money isn’t evil and more money doesn’t make me a bad person.
  8. I have the capability to tackle all money problems.
  9. I don’t allow negative emotions to destroy my financial goals.
  10. Money gives me more opportunities in life.
  11. I am running on a wealthy path and I am not poor.
  12. I have the capability to become financially free and live a life of my choice.
  13. I can think positively in a bad financial situation.
  14. I exhibit the power to have good relationships with money.
  15. With hard work and creativity, I can build a strong financial foundation.
  16. It is in my power to build up a strong financial future.
  17. I have the knowledge to spend money e towards achieving financial goals.
  18. With positive thoughts, more money will come to my bank account.

3. Income affirmations

  1. I earn more income than my expenses.
  2. Money is abundant so I can earn more money.
  3. I have unlimited income potential.
  4. I accept multiple sources of income and money flow.
  5. I am working hard that’s why I earn more money.
  6. Leveraging my skills to earn more money is easy for me.
  7. I have faith and believe in myself to earn more money.
  8. My income is increasing at a rapid rate. 
  9. Around me dozens of money-making opportunities are available.
  10. I deserve to negotiate my salary and earn more.
  11. My skills deserve that if I get paid more money.
  12. I have an opportunity to work towards my financial goals while doing a job.
  13. I have the ability to use my money to do good things that can bring change to the world.
  14. I am ready on my way to accumulate more wealth.
  15. I am earning enough money to enjoy daily life.
  16. I achieve all the wealth goals with time. 

4. Debt payoff affirmations

  1. I am more powerful than my debt.
  2. I control my debt. 
  3. My debt doesn’t have control over me.
  4. I have the ability and commitment to pay off all of my bad debt.
  5. I can control my finances and pay off debt quickly.
  6. My income has the potential to cover monthly debt payments.
  7. I try my best to avoid taking more debt in the future.
  8. I try every strategy to lower my current debt and pay it off fast.
  9. I can’t let that destroy my financial future.
  10. I work hard to earn more money to pay my current date. 

5. Money-saving affirmations

  1. In the future, I thank myself for saving money.
  2. I build enough emergency savings to cover unexpected needs.
  3. I have control over my finances and I can save money.
  4. I love money-saving challenges.
  5. I am capable of spending money on things that matter to me and avoiding impulses.
  6. It is a safe thing for me to have savings in my account.
  7. I am successful at saving money.
  8. My savings are continuously and rapidly growing.
  9. Saving money each month is natural for me.
  10. I create a solid plan for saving enough money in the next 12 months.
  11. I choose the best retirement savings plan for maximum benefit.
  12. I put my savings into a high-yield savings account to earn passive income. 

6. Budgeting affirmations

  1. I tried different budgeting methods to help me choose the best.
  2. I will spend my money wisely.
  3. I spend my money on necessary things and avoid non-essentials.
  4. I can achieve my goals and make my financial dreams come true with proper budgeting.
  5. Finding ways to live a frugal life is enjoyable for me.
  6. I will track my expenses using a budget app and try my best to stick to a budget.
  7. I can take hard financial decisions today to live a better life in the future.
  8. I delete unnecessary expenses from my monthly budget.
  9. I continuously update my budget.
  10. I increase my income to easily afford the expenses included in my budget.

7. Affirmations for wealth

  1. I am wealthy in multiple ways.
  2. I have the power to choose financial options that help me build wealth.
  3. I know the difference between rich and wealthy.
  4. I deserve to become wealthy in the future.
  5. I build a legacy of wealth for myself and my family.
  6. I consider life as health, wealth, and prosperity.
  7. I believe that wealth is close to me abundantly.
  8. There is a bundle of wealth in this world.
  9. I am able to manage a large amount of money.
  10. I have all the skills and experience that make me capable of building wealth.
  11. I have the grace to handle large success in earning money.
  12. Money helps me think positively in my life.
  13. I am lucky to see wealth around me.
  14. My financial decisions help me get closer to the wealth I need.
  15. To me, a natural state of being is wealth and financial abundance.
  16. I consider myself worthy of having wealthy life.
  17. With a lot of wealth, I help others to solve their problems. 
  18. Myself is at peace with wealth and money.
  19. I remove all the hurdles so that wealth flows to me.
  20. I am the master of my wealth.
  21. I have all the habits that make me powerful to attract wealth.
  22. Anyone can be wealthy including me.
  23. I am always worthy of having financial abundance.
  24. It is safe for me to become wealthy.
  25. With a big amount of money, I make better choices.
  26. There is a lot of money in this world that I can earn.
  27. I am open to accepting all the wealth and money that life offers me.
  28. I welcome unlimited sources of wealth and money in my life.
  29. Every day my choice is to have a lot of money and wealth.
  30. If others can be well then sure I can also be.
  31. Money allows me to live a life that I love.
  32. Money helps me to live a life of freedom.

What to do with these money affirmations?

You tailor these financial affirmations to your own goals and financial dreams. For example, if you want to pay off debt then choose debt pay-off affirmations. If you have a money mindset problem then select those affirmations. 

The purpose is that use these affirmations in a way that fits your situation. Becasue everyone’s financial condition and targets are different. You can also create your own financial affirmations by making changes to the above ones.

Recite these affirmations on a daily basis. This helps you remind your financial goals and what you want to achieve in the future. Also, you stay accountable for what actions you do in daily life. 

You can print them on paper and stick them to the wall in front of your bed. Or you can keep it on your computer. Another best way is to make a frame and place them on your table. In short, you must see and read them enough times that impact your mind in a positive way.

Do financial formations work? 

A number of scientific research studies have proved that positive affirmations really work. 

A study conducted through MRI suggests that when people practice self-affirmation then some of their neural pathways increase. Another research proves that practicing positive affirmations help us view otherwise threatening information as more relevant and valuable.

That means having financial affirmations and money mantras definitely get you results. 

How many financial affirmations should I have?

It’s ok with having multiple financial affirmations for yourself. Doing that always gives you more and more positive thinking which is beneficial. But keep in mind that have affirmations that are relevant to your current financial situation and goals. Avoid unrelated affirmations.

The above list has all the money mantras you can use. In fact, you can make changes to these sentences and create your own affirmations list as well. 

Where to place your financial affirmations?

There are four ways to place financial affirmations to have easy access:

First, you can place them on your mobile where you can read them daily as you open the mobile. 

The second is in your computer folder on the desktop which you access by clicking when you open the laptop.

The third is to make a picture frame and place it on your table where you read them every morning and evening. 

And fourth is making sticky notes on the wall in front of your bed. 

There is no better option than these four places. Because after all, you need to repeat and remind them daily to have more impact on your mind.

How to stop emotional spending using financial affirmations?

When you buy something which you don’t really need is called emotional spending. It’s a kind of impulse buying in which you satisfy sudden gratification.

We are surrounded by marketing and advertising companies on TV, billboards, online, and offline. As a result, we often can’t stop ourselves from buying unnecessary items. In some cases, we buy items that our favorite actor or politician wears. 

To stop these emotional spending habits here are some strong money affirmations:

  1. I can afford my expenses easily if I manage my money wisely.
  2. I always have a shopping list before going to buy anything and strictly follow it.
  3. I use money-saving apps and websites for shopping. 
  4. I enjoy spending money in a frugal way.
  5. I am smart with spending and handling my expenses.
  6. I can stop impulse spending.
  7. I love to responsibly spend money.

Revising these affirmations can help you take control of impulses and emotional spending. 


Programming your mind to think positively and stay focused on your financial targets is key to achieving success. 

And financial affirmations are key to staying positive and motivated when achieving your goals.

Here you got 125 plus money affirmations related to mindset, money abundance, budgeting, paying off debt, and saving money.

What you can do is choose those categories which relate to your financial goals. 

You can also make changes to them and create your own list of financial affirmations.

I will update this list of affirmations and include other categories like millionaire affirmations.

But for now, take one of the multiple affirmations from this list and start reminding them on a daily basis.

And don’t forget to share this post on social networks and with other friends.

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