62 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms (Online And Offline)

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 05:09 pm

In this post, you get 62 jobs for stay-at-home moms to earn money full-time or part-time.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom with kids and want to make extra money then you came to the right place. 

Whether you want to meet monthly expenses, put your skill into action, or need part-time work, you can select the job of your choice. 

Both jobs are listed online and offline with an introduction, brief description, rate per hour, and how to get the job. 

So let’s dive into the post. 

What is a stay-at-home mom job?

It means working full-time or part-time to earn money online or offline. It’s different from the normal stay-at-home mom tasks of cleaning, maintenance, and cooking meal for kids. 

The work involves earning money and all jobs listed in this post are to help stay-at-home moms go out or work online to make money. Whether the housewife is tired of doing the current job, has a low income, or wants to do full-time work she can do that. 

What are the benefits of jobs for stay-at-home moms?

Here are the main benefits of working as a stay-at-home mom:

  • You can earn extra money 
  • Give help in covering monthly expenses
  • Online jobs can make you boss of your time and freedom
  • Can earn a full-time income
  • Have the opportunity to earn more than the threshold of average income
  • You can work freely while taking care of your own kids
  • Help you put your skills into action and take the benefit
  • Increases confidence 
  • Enables you to financially help your life partner
  • Other financial goals can be achieved like buying a car or house
  • The mortgage, student loan, and credit card payments can be covered
  • With more money, you can do vacations on to your favorite places

The benefits are huge and above all, you can solve financial problems and come out of the ditch.

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62 Best Jobs for stay at home moms

Here are 62 jobs for stay-at-home moms to work part-time, full-time, offline, or online:

1. Babysitter 

If you love to care for children and are friendly enough to entertain them, you can take on this job as part-time work. Here you have to take care of babies and school-going children while parents are out of the home. You can do this either at your own home or at the client’s house.

The responsibilities include entertaining the child, taking care of their meal, washing dishes, and doing some cleaning activities. If the kid is school-going then you may have to do pick-and-drop work. 

You can make a good hourly wage and the average is $21.34 per hour according to Indeed. But this depends on the number of children and you can charge more as the number of children increases. 

To get babysitting jobs use your social network and social media sites. You can also search on job websites like SitterCity and Care.com.

2. Business analyst 

Do you have experience in analyzing business operations and providing suggestions to help them meet their goals? 

You can sell this skill as a service to small, medium-sized, and large companies. You have to analyze their financial reports, marketing research, sales, and revenue, along with giving strategies and ideas. 

It also includes doing meetings with their executives and other operational managers to guide them on improving certain processes to achieve end goals. 

According to Zippia, the hourly wage is $35.78 which can help you earn $74,431 per year. You can do it part-time as well. 

For getting a business analyst job you must have a degree in any business specialization with relevant experience. To search for jobs visit job sites, social media, advertisements in newspapers, social networks, and Linkedin. 

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3. Addiction counselor 

Addiction counselors do treatment of people addicted to some substances or people who they love so much. 

The job responsibilities include evaluating patients’ mental and physical health, behavior, and treatment results. Doing individual and group therapy sessions and collaborating with other medical staff. You have to treat patients with patience, empathy, and passion.

The hourly rate is between $24 to $31 per hour in the US according to salary.com

To find these jobs use online job websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Zippia, Psychology Jobs, and Simply Hired. The best option is to open your own private clinic to treat patients. 

4. Sell printables on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that helps sellers sell a wide variety of products including digital and physical. They range from jewelry, furniture, home decor, and printables to art and collectibles. 

If you’re good at making printable material like charts, wedding menu cards, budgeting templates, and calendars you can make good money. In fact, you can make $100 per day easily. 

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5. Recruiter

Experts and professionals are in high demand. In fact, in quarter 3 of 2021 recruiter job listings increased by 123% is direct employers while agencies Saw a 131% increase.

Here you have to advertise and attract intelligent candidates for different positions in the company who can help to achieve the required goals. That’s why it includes interviewing Sourcing database hiring firing and assessing the future needs of employees in an organization. 

According to Salary.com, the hourly rate for a recruiter’s job position is between $25 to $31 per hour. 

Define recruiter job positions you can search job boards, and industry groups, reach out to staffing agencies and reach out to companies in your area. 

6. Fitness expert

According to research, only 2.7 % of Americans are physically fit and 97% have failing grades. 

Fitness trainers at experts are in high demand because everyone wants to look smart and physically active.  if you have Expertise in gym training and guided interviews about different machines and weight lifting activities to stay fit then you can earn some amount of money. 

You can do it either full-time or part-time but the work is rewarding.  the hourly rate for fitness experts is between 22 to 27 dollars an hour.

To get hired as a fitness trainer you can search for job positions in local gym centers are you can open your own Fitness training center. 

7. Insurance agent

As you know insurance agents are responsible for selling insurance plans to interviews and businesses and renewing insurance policies.  They manage the client’s insurance policies and analyze your portfolio of assets. 

Nowadays these agents can work from home are anywhere else with internet connectivity. As your experience and expertise increase the hourly rate increases.  in fact, according to ZipRecruiter, the top earners are making $44 in her salary. 

So if you have a background in the finance and insurance field then you can do this job from home is a side as well as full-time. 

8. Research Assistant

Companies, educational institutions, and other research organizations hire research assistants to take help in collecting and analyzing data. Usually hired on a temporary basis. 

Job description: 

  • Helping fellow researchers or team
  • Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • Providing guidelines during research 
  • Preparing literature review and doing interviews
  • Prepare questionnaire
  • Attend meetings and update website material
  • Summarize data and write reports

According to ZipRecruiter, RA earn between $15.87 to $23.80 per hour. It can go upto $33 per hour for experts. 

To find RA jobs visit job boards, keep an eye on advertisements, search social networks and LinkedIn, and stay connected with friends network.

9. Copy editor 

What it’s?

Copyeditor corrects all the mistakes of authors who write any book, article, or thesis. Over 60.8% of copyeditors employed in America are women. That means a huge demand.

Job description

  • Checking content thoroughly to correct grammatical mistakes
  • Check spelling and punctuation
  • Work with teams inside organizations to timely publish content
  • Ensure that content format, structure, and syntax are properly arranged 
  • Checking for tone, voice, and style

What is the hourly rate?

According to EFA, copyeditors’ rates vary depending on the type of content that’s fiction, nonfiction, sales, marketing, etc. But it ranges from $31 to $71 per hour spent on the work. 

Where to get the job?

Online freelance marketplaces like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fivver, and other sites dedicated to English work. Also job boards, job sites, and applying to companies advertisements. 

10. Proofreader

What it’s?

Proofreaders check out the proof version of copy edited by a copyeditor. This means he confirms that there is no mistake in the edited manuscript. 

Job description

  • Check grammatical and typos errors
  • Clarify grammar inconsistencies
  • Doing composition of documents
  • Sending the proofread documents for approval
  • Ensuring the final documents are free of mistakes

What is the hourly rate?

Proofreaders earn $27/hour on average in the US but the overall rates are between $23 to $30 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Search job boards, social media, freelance sites, and job sites. 

11. Bookkeeper

What it’s?

Summarizing, recording, and managing financial transactions of businesses and individuals in Excel sheets or any accounting software. A very in-demand skill because no one has time to record transactions and balance them on their own. 

Job description

  • Gathering transactions data
  • Accurately posting entries in respective accounts
  • Ensuring the accuracy of data
  • Entering payroll, a/c receivable, and payable transactions
  • Doing reconciliation of accounts
  • Doing adjustments and reporting

What is the hourly rate?

The average hourly rate of a bookkeeper is $20 but it varies between $18 and $23. You can charge more if you’re giving this service online as a freelancer. 

Where to get the job?

Search and pitch jobs on Upwork, post gigs on Fivver, cold pitching to businesses, and search social media. You can also reach out to local businesses and companies to sell your service. 

12. Seamstress

What it’s?

Changes modify the garments according to customer needs and specifications. Usually work in garments factories, mills, boutiques, and/or have their personal businesses. 

Job description

  • Making changes to garments according to customer needs
  • Measuring garments accurately
  • Replacing linings, pockets, and buttons, and adding new ones
  • Ironing and pressing the clothes

What is the hourly rate?

According to Payscale, the average rate of Seamstress is $14.84 per hour. It can vary between $10.65 to $20.50 per hour.

Where to get the job?

Reach out to your local boutiques, garments, factories, and mills. You can start your own private seamstress business as a sole proprietor. 

13. Typist

What it’s?

A typist is a person skilled at typing documents, written material, reports, memorandums, and other company documents using the keyboard. The work can be done if you join the company office or stay at home.

Job description

  • Transfer data from speech or audio and paper to digital format
  • Check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes
  • Keep information confidential
  • Gather the data for typing
  • Transfer typed data to other people in the organization

What is the hourly rate?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly rate of typists in the US is $18.71.

Where to get the job?

Freelancer marketplaces, social media, your local area businesses, and companies.

14. Data analyst

What it’s?

They identify, gather, analyze, clean, and interpret the data for better business decisions for a company or any other organization. Fall into different categories like medical, business, finance, and technology industries. 

Job description

  • Collecting primary and secondary data from different sources
  • Analyzing the data using different tools
  • Making charts and graphs if needed to better visualize it
  • Fixing any minor and major errors in analysis that can affect end decisions
  • Communicating the analyst to other stakeholders
  • Maintaining a database 
  • Preparing reports

What is the hourly rate?

According to salary.com the average pay for a data analyst is $39 per hour but varies from $35 to $44 based on experience. 

Where to get the job?

Freelance marketplaces and job sites.

15. Testing apps and websites

What it’s?

Test the new applications and websites to ensure proper performance on the internet. They check their design, crawling, and user experience, and give feedback on what mistakes to be corrected and what is a plus point. 

Job description

  • Testing applications and websites for user experience
  • Checking them for bugs and speed
  • Reposting the performance issues
  • Checking the different browser compatibility
  • Testing its features, exploring other websites, and risk analysis
  • Giving overall feedback 

What is the hourly rate?

Testers earn $33 per hour in the US and typically it varies between $29 and $39 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Search Google, freelance marketplaces, job sites, and social media

16. Affiliate marketing

What it’s?

Process of selling other people’s products and services and earning a commission through each sale you made. You can sell both physical and digital products.

It’s not a job but a business kind of thing that you can do independently.

You can earn as much as you can and the platforms for picking products are unlimited running from Amazon, JVzoo, eBay, and Clickbank. Just pick a quality product and promote it to a targeted audience and whenever you make a sale you earn money. 

17. In-home daycare

What it’s?

Take care of children when their parents are out at work or for any business purpose. 

Job description

  • Ensure he takes care of the child’s meals
  • Play games with children and entertain them
  • Take care of their homework
  • Take them for walking or outing
  • Properly bathing and feeding
  • Prepare them for kindergarten
  • Ensure that he follows the rules and regulations of childcare law

What is the hourly rate?

The in-home child care hourly rate is $15.46 in the US which can earn you a $32161 per year income. 

Where to get the job?

Search job sites and the local area you live in.

18. Email the marketer

What it’s?

Market products and services using email marketing. He creates email messages, and segment lists, and designs them to better communicate the products or service offerings. 

Job description

  • Writing targeted email messages
  • Designing eCommerce emails
  • Segmenting the lists based on different factors
  • Analyzing the metrics like click rate, open rate, and bounce rate
  • Creating different drip campaigns and email sequences. 

What is the hourly rate?

Email marketing specialists earn $27.45 per hour in the US according to the ZipRecruiter job site. 

Where to get the job?

Online freelance marketplaces, job boards, cold pitching, and social media

19. Content Marketer

What it’s?

CMs do content planning, creation, and sharing of valuable and useful content to a targeted audience to grow a business audience. This can be blog posts, product pages, social media content, or web copy. 

Job description

  • Planning which type of content and when to publish
  • Writing the original content that is beneficial to the end user
  • publishing it through blogs and social media
  • Increasing the awareness of the brand message to attract an audience
  • Measuring the results to analyze where their goal achievement is 

What is the hourly rate?

Content marketers are making an average of $27.32 per hour which is $56,619 per year.

Where to get the job?

Pitch online businesses and search freelance marketplaces.

20. Tech support representative

What it’s?

His job is to resolve any technical issues in software, computers, and programs by troubleshooting and identification. 

Job description

  • Troubleshoot problems and investigates issues in computer software
  • Resolves the issues and communicate through calls, chats, and emails
  • Apply his computer hardware and software knowledge
  • Use different tools to identify the problem
  • Do related work and tasks of technical support

What is the hourly rate?

Technical support reps earn between $16 to $20 per hour in the US while the average rate is $18 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Jobs sites like ZipRecruiter, indeed, and simply hired. Hundreds of jobs are posted here each day. 

21. Freelancing

What it’s?

You provide a service to the client and he pays you for it. It’s that simple. The job or work can be of any type and you work as an independent worker. 

Job description

  • Reading the job description you’re going to do
  • Doing an interview with a client through chat or Zoom call
  • Understanding the work needs by asking questions
  • Doing the work and delivering it to clients
  • Doing any revisions according to the rules set
  • Ensuring client satisfaction
  • Receiving money

What is the hourly rate?

As a freelancer, you can expect to earn $33 per hour in the US on average. 

Where to get the job?

Direct pitching your service to clients and businesses using cold pitching and searching jobs on freelance marketplaces. 

22. Virtual Assistant

What it’s?

A person who delivers assistance services virtually like handling phone calls, organizing emails, and arranging appointments. 

Job description

  • Have experience in online tools like Skype and Zoom
  • Have a strong internet connection
  • Schedule meetings and book travel plus accommodations
  • Prepare presentations
  • Do market research
  • Give customer service duties
  • Manage contact list plus emails and phone calls

What is the hourly rate?

According to Upwork, the virtual assistant charge an average of $18 to $35 per hour spent on his experience and skill set. 

Where to get the job?

The best place is to search on Upwork and other freelance marketplaces. 

23. Biostatistician

What it’s?

They are statistical experts who work to design analyze and practically apply statistical analysis to different biological research. This helps improve knowledge about certain concepts of medical and health-related studies. 

Job description

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Draw conclusions and make predictions
  • Develop statistical methods
  • Prepare analysis plans and specifications
  • Communicate and solve issues in statistical analysis

You can earn an average of $41.18 per hour working as a biostatistician. 

Where to get the job?

24. Journalist

What it’s?

They collect and investigate information on different events and places and present it to the public or their organization workers. 

Job description

  • Write, edit, and proofread the news stories
  • Gather information and do an investigation
  • Interviewing sources
  • Verification of facts, claims, and statements
  • Going to events
  • Staying and communicating with editors and photographers
  • Publishing information on other media channels
  • Sometimes working under strict rules and deadlines 

What is the hourly rate?

The average hourly rate is $36.20 for a journalist in the US. but if the experience level is higher then you can expect between $36 to $74 per hour.

Where to get the job?

Search online websites like Journalismjobs.com, Ziprecruiter, and Indeed. Keep an eye on newspaper advertisements.

25. Web designer

What it’s?

Web designers use their designing, programming, and web engineering skills to improve a website’s user experience and functionality. They are also called front-end developers. 

Job description

  • Testing and improving web design
  • Maintaining website appearance
  • Making backup files
  • Working on different CM software
  • Doing sitemaps and wireframes
  • Coding website navigations
  • Doing colors and fonts designs
  • Preparing mockups and structure

What is the hourly rate?

On average web designers make between $23 to $43 per hour which is $49,000 to $90,000 per year. But as a freelancer, you can earn upto $80 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

The best place is to visit Upwork for these jobs. Online job boards and job sites are also good places. 

26. Sell unwanted books and notes

If you’ve unwanted books staying on your shelf or children’s rooms then you can sell them online to make some cash. Instead of throwing it into the garbage, you can take benefit of some cash. 

Along with that, you can upload old notes pictures on websites like Nexus Notes to earn passive income. Whenever someone downloads you make money.

27. ESL Teacher

What it’s?

His job is to help English learners improve their English skills in reading, writing, listening, and comprehension. 

Job description

  • Design English lessons to cover different aspects of learning
  • Examining the performance of students
  • Helping them in reading writing, listening, and comprehension
  • Following the national and regional English teaching policies
  • Give homework and assignments 

What is the hourly rate?

The average hourly rate is $19.64 in the US and it varies between $15 and $30 depending on the experience of a teacher. 

Where to get the job?

Browse websites like Teach Away, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and SimplyHired. 

28. Computer programmer

What it’s?

A skilled person who writes different codes, and scripts, and does testing plus changes to existing codes so that computer software work properly. 

Job description

  • Creating and running new codes and programs
  • Testing and modifying existing codes
  • Collaborating with other programmers and developers
  • Reviewing operating systems and software

What is the hourly rate?

The average hourly rate of a computer programmer is $46 or $95,640 per year. 

Where to get the job?

Search online job sites and social media.

29. Dropshipping

What it’s?

In dropshipping, you sell the company’s products directly to consumers through an online store while not keeping the inventory. You display product images on your store and whenever anyone places an order the company or wholesale ships the product to that customer’s address. You take your cut and transfer the remaining money to the product owner. 

A very profitable business model and you can earn as much as you want. Just do product research, open a store with Shopify, and start driving traffic to sell products.

According to data drop, shippers earn upto $100,000 per month in the US using the Shopify platform. 

It’s not a job but a profitable business idea for which thousands of people are already earning big bucks. 

30. Accountant

What it’s?

Accountant records financial transactions of a business, summarizes, analyzes, and prepares financial statement analysis.

Job description

  • Recording business transactions and preparing different accounts
  • Having skills in accounting software like Quickbooks to prepare a database
  • Doing audits and making adjustments to different accounts

What is the hourly rate?

Accountant earns between $26 to $31 per hour in the US which is a good salary whether you work full-time or part-time. You can make even more if you give this service as a freelancer through freelance marketplaces like Upwork.

Where to get the job?

Search online freelance marketplaces, social media channels, job boards, and websites, and reach out to local businesses. 

31. DevOps Engineer

What it’s?

These engineers work with software developers and companies’ IT teams to help in coding, software updates, and maintenance activities. They also work to maintain a smooth IT infrastructure inside companies IT department. 

Job description

  • Focusing on key performance factors of software project success
  • Providing essential tools and strategies during the software development cycle
  • Have knowledge of automated tools for testing and process automation
  • Have procedures in place for troubleshooting and meeting maintenance requirements
  • Identify production errors and resolve technical issues

What is the hourly rate?

The job is high paying with an average of $60 per hour while the overall rate varies between $56 and $65 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Social networking, job sites, and LinkedIn.

32. Data entry

What it’s?

This job is so simple. You have to enter data into an Excel database or any other software program or update the existing information. Because clients want to save tie and don’t want to waste it on these types of time-consuming activities.

Job description

  • Maintain a record and organize files
  • Entering new data and updating an existing one
  • Correcting errors and checking output
  • Transferring data from paper to digital format

What is the hourly rate?

Data entry is low paying and the hourly rate varies between $11 and $18 per hour.

Where to get the job?

The best place is online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. 

33. Law enforcement transcriptionist

What it’s?

Convert audios of law-related cases like criminal investigations and suspect interviews to text form. 

Job description

  • Convert audio to text 
  • Proofread and edit for grammatical mistakes
  • Familiar with different types of files formats
  • Do work accurately and reliably

What is the hourly rate?

Law enforcement transcriptionist earns $26,69 per hour on average in the US. 

Where to get the job?

Search job sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Upwork, and Simplyhired. Keep an eye on job advertisements in Newspapers. 

34. Google Adwords expert

What it’s?

You have to run ads on Google for different companies or small businesses. You have to write the copy, manage the ads campaigns, and measure performance. 

Job description

  • Do market research
  • Write ads copy
  • Create and run the ad on Google
  • Analyze the metrics
  • Customize and improve the campaigns
  • Drive results

What is the hourly rate?

On freelance marketplaces, you can earn between $15 to $40 per hour. While working independently you can earn even more than that. 

Where to get the job?

Job boards, cold pitching, social media, job sites, and freelance marketplaces. 

35. Start a baking business

What it’s?

You know it very well. Whether you’re an expert in baking or not starting a bakery is a good side hustle as part-time or even full-time. I know bakers making thousands of dollars per month from a small shop. 

You can either make bakery items if you’ve expertise in cooking or just buy from the company and sell as a retailer. According to statistics the bakery business owners make $71,170 per year from the bakery. 

36. Network marketer

What it’s?

Network marketers develop a network of individuals, salespeople, or business partners to generate leads and sales. 

Job description

  • Execute different marketing strategies and tactics
  • Build a network of people for sales and promotion
  • Attracting customers and selling a variety of products
  • Drive targeted traffic
  • Build relationships

What is the hourly rate?

A network market earns an average of $17 per hour in the United States. 

Where to get the job?

Job sites and social media.

37. Mechanical engineer

What it’s?

Design and assemble different machines like power motors, refrigerators,s and engines. 

Job description

  • Able to research, design, and test machines
  • Generate testing samples of machines
  • Collaborate with other engineers and team members
  • Keep a record of documents to track the design and assembly process

What is the hourly rate?

According to BLS, the average hourly rate for mechanical engineers is between $29 and $46. 

Where to get the job?

Search online job sites and apply to mechanical engineer job advertisements published in newspapers. 

38. Marketing Manager

What it’s?

Implement and manage different marketing strategies and plans to attract potential prospects to convert them into paying customers. 

Job description

  • Managing marketing campaigns
  • Doing sales forecast and market research
  • Examining existing marketing campaigns and results
  • Developing new marketing strategies and plans
  • Collaborating and instructing marketing team members
  • Motivating and leading the team members
  • Keeping an eye on new marketing opportunities
  • Retaining existing customers

What is the hourly rate?

Marketing managers earn $37 to $65 per hour based on their experience and the company working with. 

Where to get the job?

Online freelance marketplaces, social media, job boards, and job sites.

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39. Online Tutor

What it’s?

It’s simple. You need to teach other kids while staying at home through the Internet. 

Job description

  • Assessing students learning progress
  • Sending different types of notes and learning material
  • Doing quizzes and giving assignments
  • Helping students understand and conceptualize the concepts

What is the hourly rate?

Online tutors earn between $21 to $27 per hour in the US. You can earn even more money depending on how much you charge and the number of students. 

Where to get the job?

Search websites designed for online tutors and students, freelance marketplaces, and job boards plus sites. 

40. Baby equipment renting

Here you rent out different types of baby equipment and earn money. It helps you earn money repeatedly over time. As much as the equipment you rent out the more you earn. Accordion to data baby equipment renters is making money from $600 to thousands of dollars per month in some areas. You can rent out baby walkers, toy storage, diaper-changing tables, and much more. 

It is one of the easiest jobs for stay-at-home moms.

41. Medical transcriber

If you have medical background then transcribing medical physicians’ audio and videos is a rewarding way of making money. You need to convert them into text and reports while editing and proofreading for grammatical mistakes. They are earning on average between $21 to $26 per hour in the US but this isn’t a benchmark you can make even more. 

42. Matchmaker

 Are you good at relationship building? Doing a matchmaker business as a side hustle isn’t a bad idea. Here you have to help other individuals find their best partner for marriage purposes. You assess the client’s personality traits, and needs, and help find the best part he can develop a relationship with him. The per-hour rate is $23 but you can charge more for quality work. 

43. Resume writer

Everyone wants to beat the competition so he wants to have quality and attractive resumes. If you’re good at resume and cv writing plus formatting then earning a handsome amount of money isn’t difficult. 

The jobs for resume writing are also endless. You can search freelance marketplaces, job boards, and social media to attract lots of gigs. The hourly rate for resume writing and editing service is $45 to $85 per hour according to LinkedIn. 

44. Massage Therapist

Do you have level 3 or any other diploma and experience in the massage therapy field? If yes, you can open a massage center or work at any massage center as a therapist to treat patients. Here you apply different massage strategies including pain relive, pressure, manipulation, etc to help the patient feel good. The hourly rate is $11 to $23 per hour. it’s good part-time work. 

45. Laundry service

Laundry service is also a good job that you can do full-time or part-time. You help clients by washing, drying, pressing, and folding their clothes here. And you get paid for these services which is a great way to earn money. The hourly rate is between $10 to $15 per hour. 

46. Signup for research studies

If you have a research background then participating in paid research studies online is a great way to generate good income. Here you participate in focus groups, help companies make better products, and take incentive-based surveys online. The hourly rate is $12 per hour and some websites pay even more than that. You can find this type of work by signing up for research studies websites.

47. Rent a room (Airbnb)

If you have an empty house for rent then Airbnb is the best place to use for rent. If you’re living in an expensive area earning $100 plus per night isn’t a bad idea. 

48. Phone survey conductor

He collects data for research studies and companies for marketing purposes through surveys over the phone. Here he asks questions from respondents and collects the required data to help in a given study. 

The job can be done full-time or part-time. The hourly rate is $15 per hour on average but you can earn more spending on a company. Finding these jobs is easy through job sides like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Simplyhired. 

49. Computer troubleshooting technician

What it’s?

He does the maintenance side of computers software and hardware, finds errors and corrects them, and ensures the systems run smoothly. These technicians’ skills are so expensive and you can earn between $40 to $90 per hour. 

50. Life coach

As the name suggests its main job is to help clients become successful in life by achieving desired goals. He helps them make better plans, visualize future success, and motivates them for achieving their objectives. The hourly rates of life coaches fall between $75 to $200 based on their reputation and experience. 

51. Funnel Builder

Funnel is a marketing journey and funnel builder creates different types of web pages and landing pages to help customers smoothly go through that journey. He helps their clients make more sales and build better relationships with the customers. They charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more for a single funnel. You can find these jobs on freelance marketplaces and through cold pitching. 

52. Email copywriter

Companies and individual clients want to introduce their brands to subscribers, promote products, send different sequences, and build strong relationships. That’s why always need a good email copywriter that can bring them money from their list. 

If you are good at writing emails including sales and newsletters then it’s a potential skill to earn money. You can make between $50 to $60 per hour or even more for a commission-based setup. 

So it’s one of the most lucrative jobs for stay-at-home moms.

53. Event planner

What it’s?

As you know event planners handle all the work from preplanning to event management and refolding the event activities at the end. 

Job description

  • Preplanning and budgeting
  • Multitasking and supervising
  • Handling activities during the event for the best experience
  • Overseeing catering tasks and responsibilities
  • Ensure the event run smoothly
  • Closing activities

What is the hourly rate?

Even the planner’s average hourly rate is $28 while the range is between $25 and $31 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Social media, your social network, and job sites

54. Interior designer

What it’s?

Interior designers do all activities related to the inside design of a house or office including places for different things, colors, and other decorating items. 

Job description

  • Preparing design sketches
  • Assessing the needs of customers
  • Deciding colors and places for different items
  • Prepare cost estimates while keeping in mind clients’ budget

What is the hourly rate?

The average hourly rate for an interior designer is $150 but the range is between $50 to $500 per hour. 

Where to get the job?

Start a blog, build a portfolio, and promote yourself through social media and blogs. You can also search in your local city and social network. 

55. Paid surveys

Dozens of online websites like Swagbucks, survey junkie, and inbox dollars offer paid surveys to earn money. You can earn from a few cents upto to several dollars per survey depending on the company and survey nature. Otherwise, the average survey taker earns $25.95 per hour.

56. Sell photos

Photos selling is a big business online. There are dozens of big photo-selling platforms like Shutterstock, Unsplash, Pixels, and 500px. You can earn either for individual images or by selling licenses. But both methods are profitable. 

There is no restriction and you can sell a wide variety of photos like animals, trees and forests, and illustrations. You can easily make $500 plus each month selling image licenses. Just take quality photos and post them on these platforms. 

57. Researcher

Research specialists are required in every field from data sciences to big companies, educational institutions, and the economic world.

These professionals collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data to help companies take better decisions. They also help in academic, economic, and other scientific studies to enhance development in a given field. 

The average hourly rate of the researcher is $28 while the range is between $25 and $34 per hour. For finding these jobs apply to job positions advertised by different organizations and search job sites. 

58. SEO Specialist

Website owners and companies want to rank higher in search engine results to attract more clicks and visitors. Because they want to build a solid base of targeted customers to increase revenue. 

That’s why businesses are always looking for expert SEO freelancers. You have to either do their technical, on-page, or page SEO or do an SEO audit but an evergreen way to make thousands of dollars. The average hourly rate of an SEO specialist is between $31 to $38 per hour. 

59. Executives assisting

As the name suggests he assists executives in maintaining a proper flow of communication, delivering important information to employees and other subordinates. Managing emails and phone calls plus arranging timely meetings with clients. 

The hourly rate for an executive assistant is $31 and the range is between $27 to $36 per hour. To find these jobs search job sites, job boards, social media, and newspaper advertisements. 

60. Blogger

Blogging is the best way to earn passive income besides the efforts needed to grow it to a sustainable income. When a blog ranks in Google it attracts targeted traffic which you can use to make money in a number of ways you like including paid ads affiliate marketing ad selling goods or services. I know bloggers who became millionaires in under 2 years from a single blog and making upto $350,000 per month. The best example is Adam Enfroy a US-based blogger. 

61. Youtuber

Youtube is one of the easiest and most entertaining ways to make money online. Choose a topic, create a channel, and start uploading quality videos. Any topic of your interest can work like cooking, traveling, games, pranks, etc. Just need passion from yourself and consistency. You get paid upto $18 per 1,000 views if you’re based in a country like America.

62. Blog writing

Writing is a $412 billion market and has a lot of opportunities for you. The writing jobs are simple and you need to create blog posts for websites and blogs. The rates depend on your preference and the quality of your work. You can change starting from little as $0.05 per word upto $0.25 per word. According to Copy.ai, the average blog post rate is $37 per hour.


Now you have a list of 62 best jobs for stay-at-home moms and you can choose any of them based on your skill set, expertise, and interest.

In my recommendation try to focus on online jobs as compared to offline ones. Because online jobs help you work while staying at home with flexibility. Otherwise, it’s solely your choice which one interest you.

If you got a good value out of this article then share it with your social media fellows.

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