What is Six Figure Salary? 25 Jobs That Pay You Six Figure

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 05:06 pm

In this article, I am gonna reveal the meanings of a six-figure salary plus 25 jobs that pay you 6 figures or more.

You may be looking for a job and if the salary is your top priority it is important to have knowledge about six-figure jobs. 

This helps you achieve the desired money goal and you can analyze whether your skillset is relevant to earn that income or not.

In this post, I will go through introducing the six-figure salary, taxes you will pay, and 50 types of jobs to earn that income.

So let’s get started.

What is a 6 figure salary?

The six-figure salary is any amount between $100,000 and $1000,000 per year. The amount has six digits in between this mark that’s why it’s called a six-figure salary. 

In other words, if you earn $100,000/year to $999,999.99/year then it’s called a six-figure income or salary. 

Any job or career that helps you earn more than $100k but less than a million dollars is called a six-figure career. It can be a job in any company or government position, freelance work, or a business. 

Six figure career is considered a mark of success and achievement. Because that much money does a significant impact on your life. It can help you maintain a certain lifestyle which you can’t do without it. 

As the income increase from $100k and goes close to a million dollar then the benefits of a six-figure income increase and you can adopt a more luxurious lifestyle. That is why people always put effort to increase their income. For that purpose, they focus on things like training, education, experience, and other important factors. 

The six-figure salary meanings change from country to country. For example in the US income between $100k and $1 million is considered a six-figure. While in the UK six figures mean £100k to £1 million/year. In Pakistan, it’s between Rs 100000 and  Rs 1000,000/month. 

How much is a 6 figure salary semi-annually?

Semiannually the six-figure salary can stay in six digits or become five figures by dividing it into half. If you’re earning more than $200k or more then semiannually your income stays in six figures but if you are earning below $200k then it converts into five figures. But overall at the end of the year, you get six figures. 

For example, you earn if you earn $100k/year then dividing it by 2 gives you a semiannual salary which is $50,000. But if you earn $500k then it gives you $250,000 semiannual income. 

Just calculate your six-figure income by two and you get semi-annual figures. 

How much is a 6 figure salary monthly?

Divide your six-figure income by 12 and you get the monthly figures you need to hit the six-figure target. For example, if you earn $144k per year then dividing it by 12 gives you 12k per month. 

How much is 6-figure hourly?

Excluding the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) you have 260 working days in the year 2022. But excluding the public holidays, you’re left with 250 days. 

The working hours per day are 8 which means 2000 working hours per year. And now dividing the yearly income by 2000 gives you the hourly rate you have to earn for the six-figure target. 

For example, you want to earn $100k in a job or any business. Now dividing that by 2000 gives you $50 in answer. That means you have to earn $50 per hour to meet that target. 

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How much tax did you pay on a six-figure salary?

In the US four main types of taxes are applied:

The federal tax: that is a progressive taxation system and increases with income. 

State tax: this depends on which state you live in. Some states have flat taxation rates while the remaining states don’t charge any tax. 

Social Security and Medicare tax: the tax rate is flat upto a certain amount. 

In short here is your tax calculation on $100,000 per year income in the US if you live in New York. 

Federal income tax = $14768

State income tax = $5251

Social security = $6200

Medicare = $1450

SDI = $31.20

FLI = $424

Total tax = $28124

Net income after tax = $71876/year

So you have to pay at least 28.1% of your income into taxes and get left with $71,876 a year in disposable income if you earn $100k in gross income.  

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How to earn a six-figure salary?

There are some key tips you have to follow for moving your salary from five figures to six figures a year. 

Here I’m going to discuss 8 different tips: 

1. Take the proper education and training

At least a graduation degree is a must for the majority of six-figure jobs. And taking more education adds an extra layer of superiority. 

Along with education, you should take professional training to help yourself in getting an extra edge and experience. Usually, field-related training gives certificates that make you eligible for getting promoted to higher positions.

In case of any high-paying opportunity in any other organization, you will have a higher chance of selection and qualifying interviews. 

The professional and field-related training and courses are given by organizations you are working in. So always take on them.

2. Develop a high-paying skill

You can earn that much income through selling skills. For example as a freelancer online or by working with a company.

High-income skills are usually defined as the skill that helps you earn $10,000 or more per month. 

Here is a list of some high-paying skills: 

  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing and sequences
  • Trading 

Skill matter a lot when it comes to a six-figure income. Just a degree isn’t enough. So spend some time on educating and practicing the skill to become able to sell it in the market.

3. Search opportunities and build a network

When you have a high-paying skill and degree then the next important thing is searching for job opportunities. Here you can keep an eye on newspaper and company advertisements. 

Job boards, job sites, ziprecruiter, and SimplyHired have hundreds of jobs listed every single day. Social media sites including Facebook are another gold mine where you can follow job groups and pages to stay updated.

Another good way is to have relationships and network with friends and colleagues on your current job to stay notified about any six-figure opportunity. You can follow them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also. The more you search for the opportunity the more chance you have to get the job. 

4. Prepare for the interview

When you get the job opportunity the next thing is an interview for qualifying that kind of position. The more money you expect to get from a certain job the more your chances are that interview will be difficult. 

So what can you do is revise the material related to your skill set and degree. Learn the tips and tricks to give the best interview. Along with that learn about the company, its products, and the job description. Go for an interview in a well-dressed manner and formal look. Stay confident during the interview and try to deliver your best. 

5. Focus on performance and satisfaction

Let’s say you have passed the interview successfully and it’s time to do the job work. Now you have to give a full performance so that the managerial staff of that corporation is fully satisfied. 

Because ultimately your job sustainability and upgradation depend on your performance level. Some great tips include having milestones, completing the work on time, avoiding multitasking, not leaving tasks half-done, and using automation strategies to speed up the process. 

6. Continue education and earn credentials

The more education, certificates, training, and credentials you get the more successful you become in getting upgradation in position and salary. You’ll become able to avail more high-paying opportunities in other organizations as well. 

What you can do here is enroll in training programs the organization offers. Attend foreign meetings if possible and increase your experience with time. So that you become a spot point in the organization’s HR staff. 

Along with that focus on results and think wisely for organizational benefits. Give priority to efficiency and effectiveness which boosts your resume. 

7. Ask for a salary raise

If you’re doing well on a job and you deserve a salary increase then no double ask for a raise. Usually, a 3 to 4% increase is given but if you deserve 10% to 20% then go for that. Here the HR department may negotiate the amount. But if you don’t get the desired package you can also look for a better opportunity in any other organization. 

8. Become advanced in your organization

Stay on top of new projects and news inside the organization. Build strong relationships with colleagues and continue your professional development. The more advance you become the more opportunities you get for upgrading your position and earning more money.

9. Start another income stream

Six-figure jobs are difficult to get in these days. And if you’re working on the current job to hit that mark then it can take years of effort. The best way to increase yearly income to six figures is to start a new business. 

So you can start an online business like a dropshipping store, or blog, and can sell your skill as a freelancer. And these types of businesses don’t need capital and can be started for free. But they can contribute a handsome amount of money to your bottom line. 

So these are the 9 key tips for earning a six-figure salary.

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What is a 6 figure job?

Any job that helps you earn a salary of $100k or more and less than a million dollars per year is a six-figure job. The percentage of six-figure jobs is low compared with jobs that pay between $15k to $100k per year. 

This type of job has a significant impact on your living style and expenses affordability per month. You have more strength to pay credit card debt, student loans, car payments, and buy a house. 

That’s why people always look for opportunities to get these types of jobs. They consider this a sign of wealth, success, and achievement. It’s a great pleasure if you get a six-figure job. 

What are the jobs that pay 6 figure salaries?

Here is a list of 25 six-figure jobs with a brief description and hourly rates or yearly expected salary. In the end, you’ll be able to decide which job you’re eligible for and know how much the market is paying for a given skill.  

So let’s get into it…

1. Marketers

Marketers plan, develop, execute, and analyze marketing strategies to increase product/service sales for the company. They gather data from inside and outside of the organization to enhance promotional activities. As a marketer, you can work online as well as offline. 

The hourly rate of marketers is $60 on freelance marketplaces like Upwork. But depending on your expertise you can charge even more. It’s the most used skill to earn 6 figures online.

2. Sports chiropractors

Their responsibility is to help athletes and other sports players to perform at a maximum level while doing treatment of their injuries. They treat their injuries to minimize recovery time and help them play well.

Chiropractors develop treatment plans, take tests, and ultrasounds, medication adjustments, and advise exercise plans. In case of serious injury, they refer patients to other relevant specialists and doctors. The hourly rate of chiropractors is  $54 depending on their experience. 

3. Chief listening officer

 He gathers data and information from inside and outside of the organization. CLO listens to the customers to gather information. The common methods he uses are to do focus group discussions, using social media, website comments, and feedback.  He plays a key role in developing an overall marketing plan for organizational success. 

The hourly rate of the chief listening officer is more than $52 an hour. Their annual salaries are so high and job offers upto $130,000 a year swell.  

4. Web developer

One of the most in-demand skills because every company and individual webmaster wants to thrive with their web presence. A quality web developer is responsible for developing the front end and back end of the website. 

His coding and developing skills decide whether the website runs properly or not. So developer ensures that it site loads faster, have a great user experience, and is easy to navigate with no technical issue on both mobile or laptop devices. That’s why their hourly rates are also high. They charge rates starting from $61 and go upto $80 per hour as well. 

5. Surgeon

Surgeons are of different types including heart, neurosurgeon, trauma and orthopedic surgeon, and General surgeons. He plans the preoperative care for patent treatment and take multiple decisions during the surgery. 

He also provides advice for medication and safety measures, and to work collaboratively in a smooth way. Their hourly rate is $170 to $239 per hour according to salary.com. 

6. Petroleum engineer

These engineers help oil and gas companies safely extract oil, gas, and other petroleum chemicals. They are responsible for analyzing the data of given land conditions, ascertaining potential risk factors, equipment maintenance, and selection as well as supervising the operations. 

Their responsibilities also include preparing reports, maps, and computerized and mathematical models, and communicating the information with other staff. Their hourly rate is $62 or $130,000 plus a year. 

7. Health and medical service manager

 They take care of the medical facility to ensure that all things run smoothly and accurately. They oversee the daily operations of a hospital or clinic and do interviews and hiring of new employees. Their responsibility includes staying up-to-date with information and following laws, practices, and procedures. The hourly rate of HMSM is between $55 to $70.

8. Sales Engineer

It’s also like a marketer’s job but with the difference that a sales engineer helps sell technical and complex products of a company. He commonly works in technological companies. The job responsibilities include preparing accessible presentations of technical products, getting leads, sales, managing deliverables, and working with the research and development department. The hourly rate of a sales engineer is $68 to $85.

9. Oncologist

The oncologist’s job is to do treatment of a cancer patient. He handles the disease from diagnosis to finding the stage of illness and planning different tests for the patient. He does radiation therapy, and pain management, and provides information to patients about the disease and treatment. The hourly rate of an oncologist is $160 according to Ziprecruiter.

10. Information security analyst

Security analysts implement ways to protect the company networks of computers and ensure that no cyber attract disturb privacy. Takes security measures and installs operating software on computers to avoid hacker attacks. Other responsibilities include updating the system, gathering feedback, and using data encryption. 

The median salary of an information security analyst is $103,590 per year.

11. Training and development managers

As the name suggests, the T&D manager manages different activities related to training employees for more efficiency and effectiveness. He works to help employees develop professional skills to attain organizational goals. These managers assess organizational needs, supervise, and arrange training events. The hourly rate of T&D managers is between $54 and $71.

12. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visuals, illustrations, images, and logos for websites or video materials to better illustrate the concept and communicate a brand. These designers make product packaging, book designs, and magazines for attention-grabbing. According to Upwork graphic designers charge upward of $150 an hour. 

13. Cruise Director

A part of the ship crew workers who are responsible for doing hospitality of passengers inside the ship. He ensures that they get entertainment and have a good time along the way. He performs other types of clerical and management activities as well. Overseeing the ship’s security and ensuring 100% safety is another duty he performs. The salaries of cruise directors go upto $200,000 per year in the US.  

14. General and operations manager

Plan and monitor the daily activities and operations of the organization or company to ensure it’s traveling towards the end goal. The main responsibilities include planning, organizing, analyzing data, preparing activity reports, and hiring and training new employees. The hourly rate of GOM is $55 plus in the US. 

15. Ethical hacker

He exhibits all the skills of unethical hackers but doesn’t use them illegally. He uses his skills of hacking to ensure the organization’s overall network of information is secure and no one is exploiting it. The annual salary of an ethical hacker is more than  $100k depending on the experience. 

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16. Veterinarian

They provide medication and treatment to animals for diseases like disorders, black quarter, rabies, scabies, mastitis, etc. Their responsibilities include vaccination, advising owners on taking care of, and providing medicines. The hourly rate of a veterinarian is upto $63. 

17. Obstetrics and gynecology physician

Diagnose and treat different diseases that hit pregnant females. Usually, oversee the labor process and take care of women’s reproductive system. Anyone who wants to become OB/GYN specialist has to take 4 years of education in this field. The hourly rate of these specialists is between $127 to $176. 

18. Optometrist

Optometry is an eye specialist doctor who diagnoses defects in the eye vision, disease, abnormal fluctuations, and injury. They use optometric equipment and recommend eye lenses along with adjustments on a regular basis after some time. Their hourly rate is $60. 

19. Virtual Assistant

VAs do a range of tasks like handling emails, arranging meetings, attending meetings, and communicating with the employer and other staff. Their work is usually on an independent contract basis so they work while sitting at home on the internet. The hourly rate of VAs is between $30 to $50 an hour. You can charge even more if you have more experience and deliver quality work. 

20. Nurse practitioner

Diagnose diseases, prescribe medications, and treat children’s illnesses. They also take care of other patients and do regular checkups while ordering their medical tests and reports. The hourly rate of a nurse practitioner is $38 to $58 as per their experience. 

21. Golf ball divers

These divers clean the ponds of the golf course and recover the lost balls in the ponds. After that, they are recycled and repackaged to sell in the market. The golf diver either paid in money or in recovered balls. The annual income of golf divers starts from $30,000 and goes upto $100k or more.  

22. Blogging

Blogging is a great business for earning unlimited money. Here you write content on a website and drive traffic to earn money through advertisements and affiliate marketing. You can also sell the website for 4 to 50 times more value than its monthly income. You can sell your products and courses as well to earn even more money. 

23. Computer and information systems manager

They supervise organizations’ computer systems. These managers analyze the budget and then fulfill the hardware, software, and installation requirements. Along with that, they oversee information safety, security, and management of devices. The annual salary is $159,010 per year.

24. Dentist

Dentists do different treatments of patients’ teeth like implants, RCT, and crowning. They prescribe different medications and clean the stains on patients’ teeth. The dentist is a skilled person and earns six figures easily. The hourly rate of dentists in the US is between $81 to $103. 

25. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists diagnose mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and abnormalities in patients. They do counseling and prescribe medication to recover patients from their abnormal conditions. The hourly rate of psychiatrists is between $31 to $62. 

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What are the 6 figure jobs without a college degree?

It’s so unlike for companies to give six-figure jobs without a college degree. At least 4 years of a bachelor’s degree is required as per credentials requirements. But you can find six-figure work without a college degree.

Here are some six-figure work opportunities you can try without a college degree: 

  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Web developer
  • Toy designer
  • Vlogging
  • Blogging 
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Online course creator
  • Dropshipper 

There are many other ways like the above that are just skilled based and no degree is required to make a six-figure income. 

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What are the 6 figure jobs with bachelor’s degrees?

There are dozens of jobs available that require a degree to help you earn six figures. But along with your degree, you should have a command over your field to earn that much income. 

Some common jobs include: 

  • Dentist
  • Actuary
  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Marketer
  • Computer network architect
  • Psychiatrist
  • Sales Engineer

And many others you can find above. 

How common is a 6 figure salary?

According to data, 34% of American households’ income is above $100,000 per year which is in the six-figure income category. 

Overall the number of six-figure earners is down in America. If you divide these statistics by individual populations then only 5.4% of Americans earn six-figure salaries per year.  

What is it like to make six figures?

With a six-figure income, you can have a nice expensive car and a perfect home. You can eat at your favorite restaurants and enjoy traveling to beautiful places. Affording airplane tickets with business class becomes easy. You can travel to foreign countries as you like. 

Is a six-figure salary good?

Yes! A six-figure income has a significant impact on your lifestyle and affordability. So overall any income above $100000 per year is considered a mark o success. No doubt it’s a good salary. 

Can you earn a six-figure income working online?

Yes, a number of skills and business ideas are there that you can use to earn that much income through the Internet. You can even earn 7 figures as well. Lots of bloggers, vloggers, photographers, writers, marketers, and sellers are earning that much income in months instead of a year. 

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A six-figure salary is a great way to change your life and build a good financial future. 

This not only helps you afford daily and monthly expenses but also helps you whitewash your debt and improve your credit score.

 So to achieve that mark first you should start somewhere if you’re in your twenties after finishing college or a university degree. 

And learn skills and sell them to businesses to become an advanced person. 

It may take some time but after hitting the six-figure salary mark you get paid for the hard work. 

Ahmad Ali