How to Sell Feet Pics Online and Make Passive Income: 20 Best Platforms

Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 06:40 am

In this article, you will learn how to sell feet pics online.

I will uncover 20 different platforms to market toe pics and earn money.

For a couple of weeks, I was searching for some new ways to make money online. 

So while searching Google, I came across selling foot pics. 

I was shocked because it was a new concept for me. 

More interesting is that hundreds of people are making big bucks each month. 

So I decided to write my next blog post on this topic to help you make money using this super duper new method. 

This post is more beneficial for women because their feet pics are in high demand. 

The guide is in-depth and you get answers to all questions.

Let’s dive right in.  


What does it mean to sell feet pics online?

It’s a business model similar to selling images online. What you do is take quality photographs of your feet and upload them on feet pics marketplaces to earn money.

When anyone purchases your feet pics you earn money. The platform cuts a small fee or you can keep all the money if sold personally through your blog or social media.

The seller stays anonymous and doesn’t need to show any identity to the buyer. That’s why it is a good opportunity for you to make money as an introvert. 

You can take photos using a high-quality mobile camera, or DSLR, or hire a personal photographer. 

And if your product’s popularity increases and you get more orders then making thousands of dollars while staying at home is easy. 

Many Tik Tokers are making huge money by selling foot pics online. And there are many success stories of people making over $70k per year. 

Now let’s get a brief overview of 21 different ways to sell feet pics online. 


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How to sell feet pics online: 20 Platforms

They include social media, foot pics websites, eCommerce companies, and different other direct ways. So let’s discuss each one by one:

Use online feet pics marketplaces

1. Instafeet

Instafeet market place for selling foot pics
Source: Instafeet

Instafeet is the most popular platform for selling feet pics. It is a social media type of site where users or subscribers need to pay a $10 subscription fee to foot photo creators. The more subscribers you have the more money you make. 

How to sell feet pics on Instafeet?

Here is how it simply works in three simple steps:

  • Create a profile and provide a valid photo ID to verify your account. Before applying read the rules carefully to avoid rejection.
  • Post your feet pics at least 5 after creating an account to fulfill the requirement. After that add more pictures so that your subscribers watch them and constantly pay you money each month.
  • While starting keep your price $10 or under to attract more subscribers and penetrate the market.
  • Get the unique link of your profile with your username in the URL.
  • Share the link with social media followers and in FB groups related to feet pics to get more visitors. The more traffic you bring the more subscribers you get the more money you make. 

You must be at least 18 years old to create an account and start selling your feet pics. 

You and your subscribers can only view your feet’ pics. No public person can view feet pics. Instafeet is a private platform that only allows your subscribers to view your pictures. It makes the platform much safe and more secure to avoid stealing. 

How much does Instafeet charge?

Instafeet takes out a 10% fee from the earnings you have. For example, if you have 10 subscribers and you earn $100 Instafeet takes out $10, and you get paid $90. 

After deducting their fees they transfer the balance to your instant account. You can withdraw that money through PayPal. So it’s important to have a PayPal account even better is a business PayPal account for extra features. 

Here are a few more things to keep in mind before Sign Up:

  • The approval process can take upto 3 weeks because of the huge number of applications. 
  • There are certain negative rumors about the platform but they’re much lower. The platform is very legit and trustworthy. 
  • Your chance of getting scammed is zero. Instafeet handles all the payments. 
  • You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you gain more and more subscribers each month. 

2. FeetFinder

Source: FeetFinder

Another platform for selling feet pics.

It has 4.8 ratings out of 5 for 2288 reviews on Trustpilot. This means 96% of sellers recommend this platform.

FeetFinder charges you a $3.99 fee per month or $14.99 a year from sellers. The platform takes a 20% commission from each sale. For example, out of $100, you get paid $80 and FeetFinder keeps $20.

Here are the simple steps to get started:

  • Signup to the platform and verify with your ID
  • Pay your fee of $3.99
  • Start uploading your feet pics
  • Write a keyword-rich bio
  • Start selling your photos

The platform is exceptionally secure and keeps you anonymous. Your feet’ pictures are blurred with a preview to buyers until he/she makes a payment. The stealthy stay away and you get paid for the hard work. 

The platform helps you become a freelance model and clients may ask you for tailor-made photos on order. For that kind of photo, you can charge more price than regular. 

You get paid through their “Adult facilitator payment method”. 

3. Feetify

Feetify a feet pics platform
Source: Feetify

Free to join for sellers and buyers to pay $49 per month. 

For sellers, the premium account is also available which costs $57 for 5 months and $97 a year. 

The best thing about this platform is that you earn money not only for selling feet pics but also for staying active. The cash awards are given to the best performers starting from $1,000 upto $10,000. 

Another best thing is that approval is so fast. You can start posting your feet pictures and videos as soon.

Feetify handles payments of premium members that make it safe for you to sell pics while staying anonymous. 

The platform has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot for 259 reviews. 

4. Whisper

Whisper is a social media platform that you can use to drive traffic to your feet pics store. You cannot receive payments or contact clients. 

5. Feet Pics home page

The original URL is A feet pics platform with multiple categories including socks, high heels, and soles. Here you as a seller need to pay $14 for creating a dedicated seller page and you can also access their courses on selling feet pics. 

No other hidden fees or commission is charged from members. Out of 3 reviews, there is a 3.5-star score out of 5 on Trustpilot. 

Here is how to get started as a seller:

  • Add a seller page with all the details required
  • Add listings that are perfect for specific offers
  • Verify your seller page to build more credibility
  • Complete the course to learn more about feet pics business
  • Optimize portfolio to know what sells best 
  • Promote your portfolio on the marketplace and social media 

Overall, a great platform for selling feet pics online.

6. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is also a subscription-based platform and charges a 20% fee. The website was originally used by sex workers but other creators can also sell their stuff as well.

Here your subscribers need to pay a monthly fee to view your photos and videos. You can charge a minimum of $5 and there is no limit set for the maximum. 

You can withdraw money through their built-in payment processor with more security. This expels third-party payment methods. 

The more subscribers you have the more money you can make. 

How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

To get started create an account, upload your feet pics and videos, and stay regular to attract more clients. 

But I recommend staying away from this site because its rating is very low on Trustpilot. It is facing safety and security issues as well. 

7. Foap

Foap for tailor made images and videos
Source: Foap

Foap is targeting businesses as their audience for buying feet pics. Therefore a more advanced platform for selling feet pics.

They charge 50% of your income in commission so you need to set your price accordingly to earn money. 

To get started with Foap:

  • Download the app for Android or ios device
  • Create your account by providing basic details
  • Do some research on the platform
  • Upload quality photos because its audience is commercial
  • Set your price according to the average

The website is trusted and has a 3.7 out of 5 credibility score on Trustpilot. 

8. FeetLoversOnly

Feet Lovers Only markets and sell feet pics with 100% safety and anonymity. You can sell pictures of feet, shoes, pre-worn socks, and videos. 

The founders of All Things Worn created this website. The feet pics are purchased using a Kink coin equal to 10 cents. 

FeetLoversOnly is free to join. If you want to communicate with buyers, you have to purchase their premium subscription. It costs you $14.99 per month. You can keep 100% of the sale. 

There is no limit to how many photos and videos you want to upload. 

For selling feet pics online using FeetLoversOnly you need to signup for an account and upload your pictures and videos. Along with staying active and keeping connections with potential buyers. 

9. How to sell feet pics online using a blog

One of the best ways to sell feet pics online is through your blog. What you need to do here is just open a personal blog around topics that relates to selling feet pics. 

For example, foot care, nail art for feet, other feet products, athletes, or selling socks is a great idea.

Here you drive traffic from search engines and social media marketing. You can build an email list to get more sales. 

Here is how you can start your blog:

  • Purchase a domain and install hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Purchase and install a proper theme
  • Install some necessary plugins
  • Start creating quality content
  • Do on-page SEO of blog posts
  • Do some link-building and promotion of content
  • Rinse and repeat with time to build more authority

There are lots of ways to make money with the blog. Like affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and CPA marketing. 

10. Use Etsy

Etsy an ecommerce platform for selling feet pictures
Source: Etsy

Etsy is a big eCommerce platform that sells a variety of products. There are over 370 million visits per month which is a huge audience. 

Along with other product categories like handmade crafts, jewelry, and other physical products, you can also sell feet pictures. 

How to sell feet pics on Etsy?

There are two ways to sell these pictures:

First, you can sell the picture itself and the second is to sell printed photos of your pictures with different designs. 

It’s a great platform with more than 50% of the audience from the USA. Etsy charges a 6.5% commission from sellers and uses multiple payment methods like PayPal, credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, etc. 

11. Craigslist

Craiglist for selling different types of services and products
Source: Craigslist

With over 270 million visitors per month, craigslist has a prominent position in online selling platforms.

How to sell feet pics on Craigslist?

To make money with this platform you can use two methods. 

The first is to create your account and add lists of your photos with blurred effects. Then share them on social media to drive traffic.

The second is to create ads with Craigslist and drive traffic to your own personal feet pics website. Both methods can drive your sales but the second method is faster and preferable to the first. 

12. How to sell feet pics online with an eCommerce store

There are many online platforms where you can run your eCommerce store. Here you can sell foot pics and other products like feet caring creams, lotions, soaps, socks, shoes, and jewelry. 

And the cost is also lower. You can open a store with Shopify for just $29 per month. 

To drive traffic you can use Youtube, Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Google search engine, Reddit, or social media ads on these sites. Along with that, you can also build an email list to get repeat customers. 

13. Sign up for the eBay marketplace

Ebay an ecommerce marketplace for selling foot products
Source: eBay

One of the big competitors of Amazon and Alibaba Express. eBay sells multiple categories of products including electronics, arts&crafts, fashion, and foot pics. 

You can create an account with eBay and sell your feet pictures. You have the opportunity to upload as many as different designs and different angles. 

The platform is not entirely for selling feet pics because it’s an eCommerce physical products platform. 

But you need to upload feet pics with high heels, jewelry, simple, and other popular ones to see which is selling best. 

eBay charges an average of 12.9% of sales as fees. You can draw money through PayPal, Google Pay, Apple pay, and credit cards. Which makes it a very reliable platform. 

14. Become a freelance foot model

By becoming a freelance foot model you can make thousands of dollars just for showing off your feet. Usually, freelance foot models are hired by foot model agencies, beauty salons, shoe stores, magazines, and websites. 

Their salaries and hourly rate are very high. And depending on the company hiring you can make even more like pharmaceutical companies and agencies. 

This service can be given both online and offline. On Internet platforms, you can prepare and send customized or tailored made photos to clients. So you can charge a premium for doing the work.

15. How to sell feet pics online using stock photo websites?

Shutterstock a stock photo platform to sell feet pics online
Source: Shutterstock

 Stock photo websites are dominating these days. They sell images including humans, flowers, animals, plants, illustrations, etc. 

But you can also sell feet pictures. They’re not entirely dedicated to selling feet pics online but have a large audience who visit them daily. So you have a great opportunity to sell feet pictures on these platforms. 

Here are the top stock photo websites: 

  • Shutterstock
  • Deposit photos
  • Dreamstime
  • Adobe Stock

There are many other stock photo websites that you can find using a simple search on Google. 

16. How to sell feet pics online using POD marketplaces?

Printify a print on demand marketplace to sell feet pics online
Source: Printify

These marketplaces help print-on-demand companies to contact you and provide their blank products so you can add your designs to them. When the POD companies sell those products then they go with your design. 

Here what you can do is adjust your feet photos on different products as a design. 

The popular products which need these kinds of designs include T-shirts, bags, mugs, wall art, tote bags, stickers, and much more. Even Shopify has a list of the 21 best print-on-demand products

The most popular print-on-demand marketplaces include:

  • Redbubble
  • Zazzle
  • Printify
  • Spreadshirt
  • Teepublic

How to sell feet pics online using social media platforms?

Social media is dominating these days. And the audience there is so friendly. That’s why you have an opportunity to target foot lovers as well to grow your business. 

You can use them to drive traffic to your website and listing on feet-selling platforms like Feet Finder and instafeet. 

Here are some most popular social media platforms that can help you sell feet pics online: 

17. Facebook

Facebook to sell feet pics online

There are over 2.93 billion active users on Facebook as of 2022. And they are growing day by day. The interest and communities are unlimited who have different preferences that you can target as a feet pics seller. 

On Facebook, you can sell feet pics in two ways. First, use Facebook groups, and second with Facebook ads. 

In the first method, you need to join different Facebook groups including feet pics and related topics like feet care. After that, you can publish helpful content along with foot pictures. But don’t publish too many feet pictures instead become helpful and follow the rules.

The second method is paid but can bring you instant sales if you do it right. Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your own foot-selling website and get sales along with building an email list of loyal customers. But have a good grasp of ads otherwise you only waste money. You can hire any FB ads expert. 

18. Instagram

Instagram to sell feet pics online

Instagram has around 1.4 billion active users each month in 2022. And it’s an image-oriented platform so you can grow your followings by regularly posting helpful content and images of your feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram?

You can follow foot lovers from different other communities. From Instagram, you can drive traffic to your online feet pics store and build a loyal customer base. Another way is to reach influencers on your topic to promote your business. 

Instagram ads are also useful to bring sales. Remember to insert your website link in the bio of Instagram so people can visit your website. Don’t forget to use popular hashtags related to your topic to increase publicity.

19. Reddit

Reddit to sell feet pics online

With over 1.5 billion registered accounts and 430 million active users, it’s another hot social media platform to sell your feet pics. Here the Reddit threads are the real gold mine where you can post your photos. 

Search for the topic like feet pics, and feet lovers to find Reddit threads. Follow them and post interesting content and images to get people to follow you and visit your pics. 

Here are the easy steps to get started with Reddit:

  • Create your account
  • Include required details
  • Start posting content regularly
  • Follow other Reddit threads
  • Stay active to increase engagement

20. Tiktok

With over 1 billion monthly active users TikTok is thriving. The most interesting thing is that you can gain thousands of followers in a couple of months. As a result, if you’re selling feet pics online it’s a good opportunity to promote your business on TikTok. 

There are lots of people selling their feet pics on TikTok. Recently I studied about a TikToker selling a book of foot pictures on this platform. 

To get started sign up to TikTok with personal information and a photo. After that start posting videos and feet pics regularly. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags because it boosts your reach. 

TikTok is a platform for driving traffic so it doesn’t charge you money. To receive sales revenue you have to rely on a third-party payment processor like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Stripe which you can set up in your store. 

Who buys feet pics online?

Now you may be thinking about who buys your feet pictures. Both individuals and companies purchase foot pictures.

Here is the list of targeted audiences:

  • Modeling agencies
  • Digital publishers and journalists
  • Health and fitness companies
  • Feet care medicines production firms
  • Artists and craft makers
  • Painters
  • News publications and agencies
  • Reflexology specialists
  • Health blogs
  • Shoemaking companies
  • Nail art firms
  • Jewelry sites and companies
  • Online courses and people with foot fashion
  • Other feet products producers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Feet lovers

All the above audiences use foot pics in their advertising and product promotion campaigns. So they are willing to buy feet pics and pay good money.

How to sell feet pics online in 12 easy steps?

Long leg feet picture
Source: Pexels

At this stage, you’ve covered where to sell feet pics online and who will buy them. Now comes the 12 steps on how to properly sell foot pics. 

Here they’re:

1. Research the websites

For selling feet pics you need a platform. I recommend you first go with platforms solely dedicated to selling feet pics online. They have a built-in audience that can help you earn money faster and build your motivation to expand your business.

So what you need to do is search for these feet pics websites. After that choose the best one to start your business. Here are the most prominent websites I like:

  • Insta Feet
  • Feet Finder

Create your account there with emails, passwords, and necessary details. Remember to keep your username different instead of your real name. 

You can also start a separate website to sell but in the beginning, you have to learn a lot of things. So it can be difficult to build your business. 

2. Research your market

When you have chosen the website and created your account, now you have to see what competitors are doing. And what is hot selling on the marketplace? 

In these steps, you need to analyze different feet pictures, videos, feet pics angles, the background, and the color of the feet. This helps you learn and copy the success of others and build your business a lot faster.

Don’t skip this step otherwise, you don’t know what’s the best selling. And you may not sell anything. 

3. Take proper care of your feet

Bad feet don’t sell. You have to take proper care so they look sexy and gorgeous. 

Some simple tips can clean them in warm water and remove any dead skin. Apply moisturizers and lotions to keep them soft and shiny. In addition to that see them for any sores or cuts to do treatment on time. 

Smooth and round the corners of your foot nails. Apply polish to keep them looking shiny. Wear shoes that are soft and flexible and don’t hurt your foot. 

The more beautiful your feet look the more you can sell the feet pics. 

4. Learn the popular foot poses/angles

The sale of your foot pics depends on whether you captured them with the right pose or angle or not. It depends on the market which angle works the best. 

But here are the most popular poses and angles:

  • Bottom of the feet
  • Top of the feet
  • Perfect profile
  • Cross angle
  • Bow leg
  • Feet in heels
  • Foot selfies
  • Feet in the air
  • Dirty soles
  • Feet in the sand
  • Feet with flowers
  • And many others

There are many other poses and angles you can capture feet images. So try them out to see which one sells the most. 

5. Take high-quality photos

Clients love high-quality foot photos. And it matters a lot when it comes to a good conversion rate. 

To capture quality photos you can do this in three ways:

  • First, you can use a quality phone camera like iPhone, Samsung, or any other you have 
  • Second, you can use a camera like DSLR 
  • Third, hire a photographer who captures your photos

I recommend hiring a photographer. They’re professionals and know the best angles and poses. 

6. Use additional elements

Simple pictures don’t work well all the time. You have to sex them up like changing background, including flowers, changing ground, wearing jewelry, and changing socks. All these elements matter a lot in helping pictures sell. So test out these elements in your pictures to see the effect on your sales. 

7. Have a pretty background

You can try out backgrounds like sky blue, water, sand, flowers, white, and green. All these have a great effect on the look of your images. 

8. Bright up your photos

Maintain the right level of brightness so your images look stunning and eye-catching. If natural light is present and images look right then no need to increase brightness because it will blur the real feet image.

9. Brand/watermark your photos

Branding your images with a watermark makes you stand out from the crowd and avoid robbers to steal your images. So you stay safe on these platforms. 

10. Do acting and modeling

You have beautiful feet with amazing pics on camera but how you present them matters. For that, you have to do acting and modeling to learn how to present your feet with different emotions. The common emotions are anger, pain, excitement, sadness, and sex. 

11. Create a portfolio mixture

A portfolio means having feet pics grouped in different poses and emotions. The portfolio will tell you which type of feet pics are hot selling. So you can create more of them and don’t waste your time on other poses. Having 5 to 10 types of different groups in your portfolio is a good starting point. 

12. Promote your content 

Promotion is the key to driving traffic and sales. You should try to promote the portfolio through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, SEO, and using paid ads. The more traffic you bring and get publicity the more you earn. 

How to sell feet pics online without getting scammed?

Like any other business, the risk is always there in selling feet pics online. There are people out there looking to steal your photos. You need to keep in mind the strategies to avoid these frauds. 

Here are 12 bulletproof strategies to avoid scams and smoothly do your business:

1. Watermark and blur your pictures

Branding your feet pics with a small watermark is the first thing. Whenever you upload a feet pic on social media or any feet-selling platform then add a logo or watermark and blur them.  

The reason is that anyone can’t use these images for free. And he/she must have to pay for it to use it.

2. Don’t send original photos as sample

The photos you kept for sale or original photos should be kept secret before purchase. For a sample image, you need to have separate pics with a watermark. Because if you send original photos then the buyer may steal them away without paying. That way you don’t get money for the hard work.

3. Take payment first then send photos

Don’t do any type of credit or late payment. Take payment first and then send the foot pictures. Otherwise, you don’t get paid. 

4. Avoid overpayments for your pictures

Sometimes the buyer sends you an overpayment. After that, he tells you to refund the additional money that is paid by mistake. As a result, the payment processor sends all the money back to the buyer and he steals your images without paying anything. 

If any buyer wants to give you a tip or gift then tell him to send it in a separate payment. Don’t combine them in a single payment. 

5. Use a business account 

Two types of third-party payment processor accounts are available. The first is a personal account which comes with limited features. The second is a business account with premium features that help you avoid fraud. Paypal offers both personal and business accounts. 

The reason is that scammers can reverse payment using a stolen credit or debit card through a personal account. The business account can protect you from that kind of situation. 

6. Set rules before doing business with the client

The rules should be straightforward before doing business with a client. You should get clear on how many feet of pictures he needs, the payment, the delivery date, the angles, poses, etc. This binds your client to not go out of the circle. 

7. Don’t share personal info and your face

Staying anonymous in this world is a better choice. Don’t reveal your true name, personal information, or face. This helps you to prevent scammers get to know you and doing bad things like harassment. 

8. Don’t answer personal questions in chat

Even while chatting with the client keep it on a business level talk. Don’t answer any personal questions if clients ask. For example, what is your name, where do you live, and asking to reveal your face? If he doesn’t stop then close the chat. 

9. Avoid accepting any type of gift card

Don’t accept any type of gift card from clients. Only deal in cash payments because scammers may send you worth fewer gift cards. In case you accept gift cards, first check out whether it’s working or not. If yes, then immediately use it before the client changes the code and it becomes worthless. 

10. Stick to the price

Don’t compromise on price. This lets clients get lost and always ask you to lower the price which ultimately lowers your income. Keep the price fixed so the clients take you seriously. 

11. Never pay anything

If any buyer asks you to make a payment to check whether you are a legit seller or not then don’t do that. These types of people are scammers and take your money away forever. 

12. Buy a VPN 

The VPN doesn’t let others read or access your personal information on a public wifi network. The VPN scrambles the data to make it unreadable that’s why your personal information and privacy stay protected with an extra layer of security. 

If you follow these tips you can avoid scammers and cheaters away. This helps you keep transactions and personal information safe and secure. And your business runs smoothly while generating income.

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How to sell feet pics online FAQs

How to edit feet pics?

Photo editing software like Canva is great for editing feet pics. There is a free and pro version available. If you go for other software then here are some popular ones:

  • Photo director 365
  • Affinity photo
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel PaintShop pro

And there are dozens of other software you can use. You need to have great editing skills otherwise hire an expert to do it for you.

What to consider while selling feet pics online?

While selling feet pics consider using the best practices for capturing great feet photos. Then create a portfolio of different angles and feet poses. And be aware of scams and avoid them as much as possible by using the above tips. 

How to take high-quality feet pictures?

There are three ways to take quality foot photos. The first is with a high-quality phone camera like an iPhone and Samsung or any other you like. This is when you can’t afford a high-quality dedicated camera. 

The second option is to buy a camera like DSLR or Nikon to capture these photos. Usually, cameras are dedicated equipment for just taking pictures so the photos will be of high quality. 

The third is to hire a private photographer and pay them to take your pictures. In my opinion, it’s by far the best option when it comes to capturing quality feet photos. Because photographers are experts in their field and know how to take good images. They also know the different angles, poses, and backgrounds that make your pics stunning. 

How to upload feet pics?

First of all, you need to save images in a proper format like jpeg, png, or next-generation image format. After that upload them to the feet-selling platform like Instafeet, Feetfinder, or FeetPics and write a description. Be sure to include different keywords and make the description and title keyword rich for good SEO and ranking on the site. 

How to drive traffic to sell your feet pics?

There are many different ways to drive traffic. But they come down to two main categories.  

The freeways include social media sites (like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok) and search engines like Google. Also, the audience of platforms is dedicated to selling feet pics.

The paid method includes Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads. But it’s not effective at first because it needs a lot of testing and budget considering the audience preferences.

How much should I charge for selling foot pictures?

Instafeet, Feetfinder, and recommend a price between $5 and 100 per picture. But this price depends on your experience, credibility, quality, feet, and competition. 

While starting, keep the price as low as possible to penetrate the market. Then slowly increase your price as you start generating more and more sales. Because having a loyal client base who purchase multiple time is beneficial. So keeping the price low with high-quality pictures will help you succeed in the beginning.

Where can I sell feet pics and socks?

I have reviewed more than 20 platforms to sell feet pics and socks. Feet pics can be sold on stock photo platforms, dedicated feet pics platforms, and eCommerce plus social media sites. 

While socks are a kind of physical product so you can sell them through Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and social media sites. The best way is to open a store with Shopify or Woo commerce and sell on your own site to keep 100% revenue. But do this if you have a wide variety of socks categories.

How much can you make selling feet pics?

If you have a big audience and you charge $20 to $30 per picture then making $200 to $300 per day is not difficult. But it depends because sales spikes go up and down. 

So your income varies the same way. A good feet pics selling a business can help you make anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 a year. Achieving that level of income needs proper planning, hard work, and dedication. 

Who buys feet pics?

Different types of audiences buy feet pics online. They range from agencies to advertisers, publishers, marketers, and health companies. 

Here is the audience that loves to buy feet pics:

  • Modeling agencies
  • Digital publishers and journalists
  • Health and fitness companies
  • Feet care medicines production firms
  • Artists and craft makers
  • Painters
  • News publications and agencies
  • Reflexology specialists
  • Health blogs
  • Shoemaking companies
  • Nail art firms
  • Jewelry sites and companies
  • Online courses and people with foot fashion
  • Other feet products producers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Feet lovers

Modeling agencies, companies, and businesses dealing in foot care products pay well while the individuals may try to ask you for discounts. 

Can I make money selling feet pics?

Yes. Hundreds of women are making big dollars online. You need quality foot pictures, market research, and targeted traffic.

Is selling feet pics as easy as it sounds?

Nothing is easy at first. Hard work, patience, and consistency are always needed to succeed. You should regularly post fresh content on social channels and add new photos to your portfolio. Along with that target multiple feet selling platforms to get more audiences to your feet pics. 

How to sell feet pics online without getting scammed?

Yes, the risk of scams is there for any type of business. In the case of selling feet pics, you need to follow the best practices to avoid scams.

Here is a short preview of the above tips:

  • Stay anonymous
  • Don’t reveal personal information
  • Blur and add a watermark to your images
  • Receive payment before giving away images
  • Don’t accept overpayments
  • Use VPN to add an extra layer of security

If you follow these tips your risk lowers and the business runs smoothly. 

What apps can I use to sell feet pics?

For selling feet pics online the most prominent ones include Instafeet, FeetFinder,, Feetify, and social media apps. You can use any one of them.

Where should I start selling foot pictures?

In my opinion, you should start with Instafeet, Feet Finder, or Because these forms have their built-in audience, you can easily make money in the beginning to build your motivation.

Why should you learn how to take feet pics?

Because the quality of feet pics matters a lot. It is a differnce between selling a lot of images and selling nothing at all. You have to learn different angles for taking high-quality foot photos to try which one is selling best. 

Where can I sell my feet pictures fast?

On social media and websites dedicated solely to foot pics, you can sell faster as a beginner. 

Where to sell feet pics without an ID?

You don’t have to show your ID to buyers to sell your feet pics. Instead, the platform you signup to may need an ID and a photo of yourself to verify your account. 

Is it legal to sell feet pics?

Yes in the US, Australia, UK, Canada, and Newzealand it’s legal to sell feet pics. In other countries, there are no such exact restrictions on selling feet pics. But your culture and religious norms may prevent you from doing that. 

But it’s a business and you sell them while staying anonymous. So you may not have to face any legal issues in any country. 

What are the popular poses for taking feet pics?

Here are the 11 types of poses for high-quality emotional feet pics: 

  • Bottom of the feet
  • Top of the feet
  • Perfect profile
  • Cross angle
  • Bow leg
  • Feet in heels
  • Foot selfies
  • Feet in the air
  • Dirty soles
  • Feet in the sand
  • Feet with flowers

You can search Google to find out more angles.

How to diversify your feet pics business on other platforms?

Sticking to a single-foot selling marketplace may lower your audience and revenue. To target more clients you have to diversify on other platforms. This get’s your feet pics promoted to more audiences and you get exposure to those platforms. 

For example, if you have an account on Instagram then you also make posts on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. If you’re currently selling on Feet Finder then also place your portfolio on Instafeet,, and Feet Lovers Only. 

Another diversification you can do is to add different types of foot pics with changing poses and backgrounds. For example make feet pics with high heels, without heels, flower background, and feet in the air pose. This helps you attract an audience with different interests for feet pics and get more conversions. 

Is selling feet pictures legal for minors?

The feet pics marketplaces like Instafeet, Foap,, Feet Lovers Only, and most others want 18 plus. So below 18 are considered minors and they can’t sign up. They can use another guardian’s account or make a separate store with WordPress to sell their feet photos. 

Do you have to pay taxes for selling feet pics?

This depends on your country’s policy. The platforms usually don’t charge income tax and you have to file it yourself. But in the US you have to pay tax on that kind of income. You are required to report any income over $600 a year from that kind of business. 

Do you have to show your face on the Feet finder?

No. Feetfinder does require your face and ID for verification of your account but you don’t need to show your face to clients. You can stay anonymous as your choice or like some other sellers you can show your face. But there is no enforcement to show face on FeetFinder to an audience. 

Where can I sell feet pictures for free?

On your website and social media sites, you can sell feet photos for free. While on feet pics marketplaces you have to either pay monthly subscription fees or take out commission from the sale. 

What should I wear in my feet pictures?

You can wear socks, jewelry, heels, high heels, shoes, and even flowers. And there are many types of other fashionable elements that can add an extra layer of attractiveness and beauty to your feet pics. 

What do I need to start taking feet pictures?

You need a quality phone camera to capture feet pics. After that, you have to research marketplaces and their competition to analyze what is working well. Finally, start uploading the pics and drive traffic to them with rigorous promotion on different channels. 

How to find the best foot pic pose?

Research the online feet photos platforms and analyze which type of poses and angles appear the most and are hot selling. After that copy the competition and capture your feet pics accordingly. 


Selling foot pics online is a new and easy way to generate money online. 

Research the market and capture quality feet photos with different poses and angles. 

After that upload them on different foot pics marketplaces and promote them to drive traffic. 

It’s that simple and there is no rocket science. Believe in yourself, take action, and don’t look back. The success will be yours.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to sell feet pics online and find it helpful. Share it with your social media followers to help other folks benefit from this opportunity.

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